Wednesday, May 5

Because of Me..

During my previous post, What If i was worried about my Phuket trip which will fall on 10 to 14th May 2010. Worried that XeRoZ wasn't able to apply leave. Worried that i had to leave him alone.

I now realise that it's pointless in wondering What if things happen. What i came to experience is that i'm now in a terrible situation. So deep inside this hole that nobody, i repeat, nobody will be able to pull me out. I don't think i can make things work my way.

All the time, i was worried that XeRoZ is unable to get leave. I never worry about my situation. Until last month, i remembered the date very well 20th of April- The day i called my boss and seek for his permission for my 1-week leave. Yupz, as i have not predicted, i was rejected. The company is facing lack menpower. I have been the delivery girl, sales girl, technician girl, office girl, marketing girl and many more. He told me that the office needs me. I can only get my leave when my manager returns from maternity leave (Coz she's more important than me)

I really wanted to tell him, "one week only mah". It's not as if the office will destruct in a week time. It's just a blink of an eye and 1 week will past. At most i will bring my laptop and work at night.. *sigh* Dont see that coming anyway..

I guess, it's time to say BYEBYE..

Goodbye Phuket.. I guess it's not my luck to visit you..
Goodbye friends... I guess you guys have to go on without me..
Goodbye RM376... I guess me and XeRoZ have to forfeit this trip (He insisted that he'll stay behind for me)
Goodbye.. Goodbye.... *tears rolling down*


Unknown said...

Sad. expect the unexpected.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Vun, sad *hugs*

Unknown said...

Thats life. No choice. when manager back, apply for leave. haha

Cayenne said...

aww. can i cry for u? hugs

ohmywtf said...

awww....its ok...there is always next time mah :-)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Vun, that time nobody is available to accompany me for holiday ler.

@cayenne, sob..TQ for ur empathy, *hugs*

@ohmywtf, sad..ya lo..gotta wait next time!

little marccus said...

hahahah XD mai so emo lar~~ haha XD

andi said...

so pity..go another time..

TianChad田七 said...

Feel like wanna kick you =S

Kelvin said...

Underpaid but overwork:(

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@andi.. pity yeah~

@littlemarccus, another 5 more days ler.

@TianChad, come kick me..

@Kelvin, come hire me work!