Friday, April 2

Zouk's 6th Anniversary & Munich Gastro Bierhaus

It's time for a happy post today~!

I went for Zouk's 6th Birthday-The Mad Hatter Party on March, 26.

Ta daaa.. Zouk turned into a fantastic wonderland! Perhaps, we shall call it
Zouk In Wonderland.

The only one thing i would blame is the weather, it was raining and drizzling and the garden becomes very muddy. I feel envious for guys who attended because they weren't wearing heels, so their heels didn't sink in mud.

I met the absolutely-sure Absolem (Blue Caterpillar).

As we entered, i saw people crowding around me, then only i realised that there was a magic show.

Look, the bottle firmly in one piece, and then The Magician puts a pin in it.

One, Two, Three!!!


Bottle pecah liao~

(Sorry la, my camera not so hi-tech snap till blur blur)

Then we entered Zouk, and saw a collection of Mad Hats being displayed.

I captured the one attracted me.

Then only came across Tongue In Chic Blog that this hat was called the KL Survival Hat
designed by Kuah JenHan.

What about me?

Well, I MAD too!

Cutely mad-dicious!
Then the important VIPs came to officiate the ceremony!
Zouk is 6 this year!!

There's too many Mad Hatters, this one always poke my head, poke my eye, poke my body, poke poke everywhere poke poke!

Gosh..Im so..BALD!

Not to miss out TangLung Hatter...She looks like the LED lights in I-City.
Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange~ WoW!

Then we have Kitty Meow Hatter & PandaLady Hatter.

After that we exited Zouk, and act like clown at a corner..

Lady Gaga inspired pose.

We feel hungry and thirsty (Free flow has ended when we entered Zouk, which is before the celebration begin. Hmmmphh.. How can there be a Birthday Party without food and drinks??)

So, we went here..

Munich Gastro Bierhaus. I Don't know how to pronounce this, but i assume
Bierhaus=Beer House????

Whateverlah~ As long as have beer then OK already!

Posing Posing~Bumped into XeRoZ's housemate. I bet he is laughing at my "hiao-ness"

Wern ordered Yummy Mushroom Soup.
Very nice (Thumbs up)
At least we know it doesn't come from Knorr or Campbell.

While TianChad ordered..
I don't know what we call tis..

Hotdog in Wonderland?
Mad Hotdog Platter?

As mad as it can be, the hotdogs are fantastico paradisco delicious!
Although Im not really used to the unique taste!

I end my post with


How do you pronounce WEIHENSTEPHAN?



Here's the answer...

Wheee..Wait up for my hyper post with Chinese Orchestra!

See ya!

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Kelvin said...

U look damn cute with the panda on XD

And is tat German hotdogs?