Tuesday, April 6

What is Love Without A World To Live in?

Love is a feeling of emotions that everyone has. To Love and be Loved is the greatest gift one could ever had. Love is a strong emotion, and it is powerful enough to change us. We cannot explain what Love truly is, neither can we calculate the degree of Love one has. We can never reason with Love, and this makes Love special.

Have anyone ever wondered What Love is Without A World To Live in?

For me, The World is a place I call home - A place where I belonged. A place that shelters me, making sure that I'm safe and secured.

My World consists of animals. They are the masters of the land. Animals have feelings too.

World is being aesthetically beautified by plants- Tall trees and kaleidoscopic flowers provide shelter from sun and rain.

Humans, Animals and Plants are interdependent to each other. There is no reason for us to be selfish and mean to other animals and plants..

Our greed and selfishness, will cause the World to bleed in pain.

And thus, my place called Home is slowly moving to the verge of destruction.

Why can't all of us unite?
Push aside the evil thoughts of Greed and Selfishness.
Then the World can truly be a place we call home.

A Home for me and you.

I Love the World because it is the place I belong
I Love the World because of the beautiful flora and fauna
I Love the World because of the fresh air i breathe in
I would like to share my Love for World with you..

Sloggi has been very innovative when they launched LoveWorld-Bra series. They took one step ahead by creating bra made of recycled materials. Not only that, it looks fabulously trendy too!

I Love Sloggi because Sloggi cares about the world.

Love World, Love Sloggi
We are happy, breast not saggy
Pretty, Comfy and simply SEXY!

Here's a short video on Love World..

We will all ended up like this, if we do not care for the World.

I end my post with a short poem i wrote myself:

Love ya!


Ken Wooi said...

hey this is good! especially the drawings! good job i say.. and the video as well! all the best ya =)

Coco girl said...

Love the video!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ken..Whoa.didnt expect u to say that. *touched* Thanks alot. Yeah i spend quite some time drawing and colouring like a kindergarden kid.

@corvina..TQTQ..Love u so much!

Kelvin said...

Human will be already extinct if there is no love...no one will care about others and killing will be everywhere.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, yeah..if thats the case, we are beasts, killing without mercy. =(

mishan said...

awesome drawings... and blogpost... and video
love it so much....
good job msxeroz!!

atreyu strange said...

Nice one babe! I still got no idea what to write for this contest. Hope I'm in time though. Huhu.

theeggyolks said...

wow! this is a good entry!! :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Mishan: Thanks Mishan for the compliment. *happy*

@atreyu: HAha..hope your inspiration comes soon.

@theeggyolks: I dare not imagine your entry, i bet it will much better than mine!

Lisa717 said...

cool drawing n video!!! u r really talented!!