Wednesday, April 28

Road Trip with My Broadband

I feel that everything i do daily is a routine: Wake up--> Work--> Sleep... and it goes on and on for most of the day. I believe most of you would feel the same way too!

Once we stepped into the working world, the so called world of the adults, there's no turning back! Yes, this world is fun- It makes us feel all "growned up". Gone were the days we beg money from parents to buy things.. Gone were the days we have to ask permission from parents for everything we do.

"Pa, can i see 8TV?"

"Mummy, tonight eat KFC can?"

"Bro, can I use the internet?"

NO MORE. See whatever channels you want~ Eat KFC 365 days for all you want, and Use the internet as freely you want!

Working life do have its disadvantageous! We no longer get to skip work as we like. Sick must be approved with MC, and fixed lunch hours. -.-

Worse of all, if someone calls you for work on weekends, you have to comply.

This is why, to release ourself from being tortured by work, we should go for a trip.
Maybe a short vacation, long holidays or a one-day road trip!

Which i did, last Saturday evening!

I went all the way to Semenyih and join a bunch of guys for fishing~
A beautiful scenery adorn the place with clean, fresh air.
It was very peaceful.

The sky was bright, with silver clouds..
But as hours passed, there's a tinge of loneliness..

I felt like..

a mother hen in the village...

I feel so helpless, looking for worms in the damp soil.
The guys were ignoring me, busy baiting the fish!

INTERNET!!! I NEED INTERNET!!!!! *i shieked*
And how i wish i have a Wiggy with me.

I guess i cant live without the internet!

Oh ya~ Almost forgotten to share Project Alpha episodes with you all!
I wish upon the shining star that one day i'd be a successful blogger and release myself from the curse of staying inside this small cubicle.
Ep 8:

Ep 9:

Ep 10:

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