Thursday, April 8

Project Alpha Season 2 Blogger Launch

Thanks to the generosity of Project Alpha & Nuffnang, i was invited for the Blogger Launch at e@Curve Damansara yesterday night.

(No, I'm not pregnant and that is NOT a baby bump. It's the dress' design)

I arrived at 7pm, and to my amazement, there's a long queue for registration already.

I thought i will still be eligible for free make up by Rimmel.
But then I was told that priority was given to those who registered.
Sad..But nevermind lah!

Thank God that Jackie spotted me- Otherwise me and RedButtockz Wern will be two lonely ducks by the corner.

Jloi Jackie & his friendly friends + Joshualaw & his friendly friends = everybody friends

Then we had ate while standing happily..

After filling our stomach, I took 10mins to gathered enough courage to snap photos with these SuperStar Bloggers. (T.T Jloi were teasing me for my cowardness).

And here i come!

Newlyweds~ Xia Xue. Spot her hubby at the background?

I really admire her strength and effort to look stylish, impressive and attractive.
I wish one day, i will be half as pretty as her.

Celebrity Azwan Ali..
He's really nice, and kind. Very friendly too!

Also first time talking to Kyspeaks in person. Usually i would only peek him from afar~

Of course not to forget ...

Even the floor is decorated by Adidas Action 3 range of product sticker.

We have Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief,

and here's the Malaysian Version.

Then Wen Pink is the accomplice.

I didn't know that Timothy had a wacky sense of humour. Where his jokes made us speechless (because it took us 5 seconds to think whether its a joke or serious)

(Jloi, Me, WeiTheng,Timothy, RedButtockz Wern, Cayenne, Adrian & Spectre)

We also recorded our audition video, which i screw it up.
I dont ever want to see that video..EVER..

At 9pm, we all entered the cinema for the preview of Project Alpha Season 2.
and also the movie KICKASS..

After all, Thanks to Project Alpha & Nuffnang for the happy night I had.

Don't miss this season of Project Alpha!
Remember, it's 19th April..


Unknown said...

isk..what da hell wif jloi jackie...make me sound like having a weird name..XD

Ken Wooi said...

so cool you get to go.. too bad such events is always in KL.. =/

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Jackie Loi. Got alot of Jackies ma-Jackie Cheung, Jackie Chen, Jackie Wong, Jackie Lee. But Jloi JAckie only have 1.. its u!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ken, then send in your audition tapes for Project Alpha S3. I sure go support u =)

Anonymous said...

ooooooooo.........y didn't i registered for dis...T________T

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Cassie, dun cry. You can always make it for Project alpha season 3. Send in your auditions =)

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

u also been there yesterday?? ihiksss

Unknown said...

nice to meet u nicole. as for the vidoe part u can DIY by yourself before submiting

Cayenne said...

update so fast! better get mine done now. XD but lazy. LOL

无修人 said...

cool huh
met lots of cool blogger there

Unknown said...

Nice meeting you that day. hehe

p/s: Friend of Joshua

Joshualaw said...

wtf! The Char Siu Pao thief~ -__- haha...
btw, what you mean by Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief in Malaysia version? I think it should be "Wen Pink & The Char Siu Pao Thief" XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Cayenne: LoL~ too free d, so blog lor

@Benooi: Yeah~ Lotsa Bloggers but cant remember their names.

@vkvun: Hello~~ nice to see you.

@Joshualaw: Ok, next time i'll do wen pink & char siu pao thief!

wen pink said...

hahahahaha joshualaw the lightning thief :P and me! nice one!