Monday, April 12

No Strings Attached

Thinking of "No Strings Attached" the first thing that came across my mind was this...

Yupz. *NSYNC!

(MsXeRoZ evaporates to Year 1998. Age 12. )

*NSYNC released their self-titled album, and their debut single "I Want You Back" was one of my favorite song. Until today, their hit songs- I Want You Back, Tearin' Up My Heart, You Drive Me Crazy, This I Promise You, God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You is still on my song playlist.

The "No Strings Attached" Album was a huge hit, with catchy pop songs like Bye Bye Bye and It's Gotta Be Me. And after that huge hit, *NSYNC went into long hibernation...and now has officially disband.

(MsXeRoZ returns to 2010)

And all we know now, what's left is Justin Timberlake who continued to perform and remains famous.

My teenage years were filled with:-

My favourite Boyzone member is Stephen- He died not long ago.

Favourite song from All Saints is Never Ever.. It sounds so melancholic.

My first singing performance on the stage is B*witched's Cest La Vie. I was 12 years old.
My first "dark-skinned" girlband. *no offence* I was really innocent and thought that all Americans are white. Nonetheless, these girls can sing!!

My deepest crush~ Nick Carter. I named myself Nicole, because of him.

There's no need for introduction-The Spice Girls..
My favourite Spice-Geri Halliwell. I daren't admit i love Geri because her boobs was so big, and I'm afraid my friends think I'm horny. So i told them i like Sporty Spice, Mel C.

Do you know how I kept myself ahead to find out my favourite popstars' news?
There's no internet at my home, and there's no cyber cafe nearby.

I will buy the weekly magazine costs RM11.70 (i still remember). Sounds cheap? Those days Doraemon comic books only cost RM1.90. Just imagine how many Doraemon comic books i could buy, and re-read! (we dont read old news from magazines right!)

And those days, I only buy original CD's or casette. There's no download, no burner, no pendrive to keep my songs..

That is why i treasure the Internet so much. Without it, life sucks to the core!
I can now access latest news via Twitter, Facebook and Official webpages of my favourite artists..

Afterall, choose internet service provider with "No Strings Attached". If you don't feel it good, the termination power is in your hands.

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Ken Wooi said...

i like some of boyzone's songs.. =)

erwinator said...

the artists that filled the raiowaves of yesteryears. haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kenwooi: which songs you love most? =)

@erwinator: yupz..Popstars come and go..