Tuesday, April 6

My Favourite Sport

Talking about sports, well i have nothing much to say. I have been following XeRoZ around, because he is practically one person who loves sports very much- From basketball, futsal, football, swimming, volleyball, etc.. *speechless*

The fact that if Guinness Book of Records have the category called "The Laziest Person on Earth" then you will find my name under that category.

I never enjoyed sports..I hate to sweat. Everytime i walk or run or move my body more, i will feel itchy.. Then I'll look like a "sampat" fellow keep scratching and scratching non stop. I love cycling too, but cyling really takes alot of energy.

Sports Sux!!!

Lately, i realised that my tummy is getting bigger. I even looked as though I'm few months pregnant T_T

This, left me no choice...

The only sports that I'll indulge in is


When im in the pool, i transformed into Transformers Little Mermaid.
I swim, I roll, I dive and I drown..

I think people in the world, should start realising, Sports and Exercise is important!
Before it's too late...
like me..

I wonder when i will return to my hour-glass body shape again???

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Kelvin said...

Why ur bikini shot do blur one >.<
I can't swim...so envy of u...

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. swimming is funn! or maybe just playing in the swimming pool! =D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, i shy lah! First time in 24yrs i wear bikini.. HAHAHA..

@Kenwooi, ya swimming is so fun!

Blur Pei said...

swimming have no sweats! that is y i choose swim to exercise! wahaha... but also stop like yrs since my friend next block went to AUS. :(