Thursday, April 22

My Dream Destination

Lately there's much things I had to do in work.
Less time for Facebook, Blogs and Contest.
It felt really stressful, because most of the time, i had to check on emails, and receive calls.
The horribly hot weather is aggravating the stress too! Had to drive in scorching hot sun and suddenly it rains. I had to be hot, and cold most of the time!

It was also a disappointed week for me- being bullied by customers, and worse of all, my 1 week leave to Phuket was rejected by Mr. Boss.

Sad. But i know my priorities.. I had to let go certain things for the greater good. Something called, Utilitarianism- Cant believe i'd be talking about Utilitarianism despite being superbly busy.

Of course, right now, all i could think of is my dream holiday!

My dream destination should be peaceful, free from the hustle and bustle of the city..

I would like to spend my morning, watching the sun rise slowly~

Bury my head body under the white, smooth sand..

Collecting seashells.. Lazing under the sun..

And then go for a beautiful morning swim~
*provided there's no sharks or jellyfish around*

Will my wish come true? I dont know.. All I know is that I will be fully occupied with work until July! God Bless =)

Now all i do after work is rest at home and watch Project Alpha! My instant stress reliever remedy...
Here's the latest episode!

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Kelvin said...

Is this a contest/advertorial post?

Taufulou said...

always very down 1..ifabout to go holidauy then Leave got turn down~