Thursday, April 29

Movie: Iron Man 2!

Iron Man is BACK!

To be frank, i think most of us have been anticipating the release of Iron Man 2 (from Marvel Comics).

When Iron Man was released in 2008, i was sceptical and had assumed that it's a stupid kiddo movie. But i still watch it, then i realized, the stupid kiddo cartoon is called..

The Iron GIANT. =.=

The Iron Giant and Iron Man look so familiar (Look at their silly helmets)! How can you blame me for mistaken them both..

Iron Man (2008) was impressive, very impressive to be exact. It actually made me fall in love with Robert Downey Jr. (before i found out he is actually 45 yrs old).

Thanks to TianChad for inviting me to be his exclusive guest of honor for the movie!
Thanks to LG for inviting TianChad..
(Thanks LG & TianChad)

We went to Midvalley, then found out that the movie is in Gardens O(=.=)o

Movie starts at 9.30pm, and most of the invited guests were waiting for the hall to be ready.
The Signature GSC was quite impressive, with the staff queuing up to welcome and wish us "Enjoy Your Movie"..

The first thing i dislike was the repeated announcement "For all LG Guest, please switch off your handphones and all electronic devices when you enter the cinema" It is very loud, high-pitched, and somehow annoying. It actually sounds rude too!
Perhaps the announcer can work on her intonations~ I'm sure she actually doesn't mean to offend anyone.

The cinema seats were impressive. They were all in "doubles" for couples..
With Popcorn & Coke for all guests..

Yummy..Everything was neat and orderly. They even seal the popcorn. Very thoughtful. Nice.

Despite the signature seats of the GSC, the cinema actually has a bad stench. It smells of urine. It totally make us feel uncomfortable. The seats were torn and cushion is quite hard.
(I prefer the normal seats)

The story sparks off right after Tony Stark declares to the world that he is the IRON MAN. The US Government wants him to turn in his weapon (the Iron Man suit), which he declines. He is also suffering from blood intoxication, and probably die due to the side effects of his nuclear arc. Approaching death, he decides to live like he's dying and neglected his duties in Stark Industry, creating chaos, and mess.

He was convinced that NOBODY would ever have his suit. Until his nemesis came, stronger than he is..

Tony unpredictably hand's over his business to Pepper Pots, his ex-assistant.

and Natalie was hired as his new assistant.
(WTF..he's such a lucky guy)

So, will Tony die?

Will Stark Industries changed to Potts Industries?

Who is the other IronMan?

Who will win in the battle or Iron Man vs Bad Guy with whip?

Will there be an Iron Man 3?

Find the answers for yourself!
Official trailer to quench your Iron desire~
BTW, I would like to suggest an English name for TianChad..


  1. There's a hidden clip after the credits (after the movie ends). Catch it out! If you miss it, you can read what is it about here.
  2. If you watch the movie, you'll find a funny guy named Happy Hogan. He is actually the director of Iron Man 2, Jon Favreau. LOL!


Ratings & Opinions:

Overall: 8/10
Cinema: 3/10 (Signature GSC, Gardens)

1. Antagonist die too fast.
2. Confused over appearance of certain characters.


Unknown said...

make ppl suspend one. Sien

marccus said...

iron chad! =D

Kelvin said...

Wooohoo!! Scarlet Johansson^^

Unknown said...

Can't wait to watch this with church friends xD

Atika Ramlan said...

love ironman too,although was skeptical of both the story+robert dawney..exceeded my expectation. a must watch!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Vkvun~ Sorry lor make u suspend. HAHA..

@Marccus: Ok, will propose to Chad

@Kelvin: Oh yeah, its Scarlet Johansson. She's damn hot!

@Victor: Yupz, i cant wait for u to watch it too

@Bloggerina: Yupz, i put a low bar of expectation because you know 2nd movie always not that nice. But for this, it's alright! A little complex, but works just fine!

Anonymous said...

cool.. the last time i went to GSC signature.. I thought it was pretty good.. hmm..