Tuesday, April 27

Go Gatsby!


Ok Tigress MsXeRoZ roars away the emo-ness and suey-ness of working life.

It's time for a more lively, fun post for all my beloved readers... *glee*
Yupz that's right! I haven't blog about the Gatsby Fair which took place on 17th April!
(This time, the pictures will do the talking)

Nuffnang asked us to arrive early.
Some of us were there by 9.30am, but the registration booths weren't opened yet!

Once the booths are opened, we were all jammed to queue up.
Bad thing is, the lines weren't properly formed. We have no idea which line we belong too.
Hopefully Nuffnang will improve on this are in the next upcoming events.

I was lucky as my blogname started with the letter "M". I was the first amongst my gang to redeem my goodie bag. To my aghast, my name wasn't even on the invited blogger list!
(Not the first time though!)
Thank God, Rob and Fresh allows me to add into the guest list.
Hopefully Nuffnang will improve on the invitation mechanism.

Nothing to do but to linger around the registration area..

Waiting for TianChad & TheRedButtockz to enter.

After that, we all changed into the Gatsby T-shirt which was given to us.

Got a bunch of pretty amoi welcoming us by spraying the new deodorant on us.

With the new scent, we felt sexy and posed too!

My first game was "Lawan Gusti" with TheRedButtockz Wern.
No need to see also know I kalah one~

Next game was loop throwing~
Never once did it enter... Yucks~ I'm so UNtalented...

Then we went to the next booth~

Where we had to aim the ball into the hole, in which i failed once again~

Okay, I'm good with this..

We played halfway, and had to stop for 10mins for opening ceremony...
As usual, TianChad efficiently snoop into the front line..

When everyone was busy upfront..
(and was featured in New Strait Times too!)

we were busy pretending macho in front of the fan...

Then we had to go to another area for photo session, that marks the entry of "Largest Blogger Gathering" in Malaysian Book of Records..

Simon Seow scored some points with

Then we continued collecting points by focusing on the games.

Alright, here's my favorite game!

Cant climb on it!

I dont know why i have the cowboy hat, but i kinda like this look! WAHAHA..





Aiyak~ Fall already!!!

After that we head on to Kenny Rogers for lunch!

Not many people yet, so thankfully the service is not as slow-poke as usual.
(Had a horrible experience at this Kenny Roger branch last year)

Met "Kak Joan" (Maple IGN: CuteHazel) at Times Square. We used to be kanak-kanak ribena not too long ago in Maple Story!

Look how much I have aged!!!!

After lunch, there was a lucky draw session. Me and TheRedButtockz Wern used our mindpower to attract good aura so that we can win a Nintendo Wii
(Dont know what Wii is, but i assume it's a good thing)..

Too bad. It was far from "Wheeee!"
We saw Wii slipped into the arms of others. *Sad*

After that we went to queue up to redeem our coupons. Me and Wern had total of 72 points~!!!

After that we went for bottomless Coca-Cola~
and finish our remaining energy there!

I went home RICHER.

I have enough hair cream/gels/spray for more than 3 years~

Don't be shock if i appear Stylo Mylo in future!

Hopefully there's more happy post coming ahead!

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Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

u were there? me too..but mayb coz everyone wear the same tshirt so kinda look like a red march in bangkok..hahahah...anyway at least the games kinda remind us like the funfair when we r kids, right?

goodie bag is meant for recyle and the fan for the weather...so there are no goodies inside..fill up yourself ...hahaha..i think that was the idea from the organizer...wink wink