Tuesday, April 27

Another Lie?

"I would like to ask about Product XXX. Are you the one in charge?" asked the Anonymous Beauty.
"Yes, I am. How can i help?" i replied.
"I'm giving you a last chance to propose me XXX, because i already finalize it yesterday."
I frowned. What logic is this, since you already finalize it, why did you call me? But i decided to give it a go.
"Well, perhaps i can pass you some information, hope its not too late" i gambled.
" Yes sure, i have to meet you today, otherwise just forget it" Anonymous Beauty replied.
So i drove all the way, along the bumpy roads of Malaysia highways. The sun, was scorching hot as usual. Despite turning the air cond into level 3, i felt my back soaked with sweat. I wasn't familiar with that area, followed behind lorry and avoid over speeding. I know the area was filled with cops, lurking to earn some "pocket" money.

I arrived at my destination, and informed the receptionist that i came to see Anonymous Beauty. After 10mins, Anonymous Beauty arrived, and told me, "I forgotten that you would come, luckily i recalled otherwise i would have asked the receptionist to ask you to leave because I'm busy right now".

"Haha" and i smiled. I am amazed at my professional ability to keep vulgar words from being emitted from my lips. So i decided to cut the crap and begin presenting. From the body language, she refused to reveal anything in particular, and doesn't seem to be very interested. Only God knows why she contacted me for more info when she doesn't seem to need it. Well, guess in sales line, there's always such "classy" people that we need to entertain. I'm fine with it. I treat it as an adventure!

So she told me she got my competitor price. "Do you know who is running the YYY Brand?" she asked. Shocked, and curious as well, i replied "Not very sure of. This YYY is not very known in the market". Anonymous beauty said, "Well, your ex-colleague is the one running this brand. You better check out on it". Dumbfounded. My mind totally went empty.

"Okay, i need these few items, " as she roughly flip those pages of catalogue and gave me 6 items she needed. It's now 4.45pm, i end my work at 5.45pm. You have to prepare me the quotation within 1 hour. Can you work it out? I need to finalize the pricings and submit to my boss today.

"Okay, sure. I can make it. Thanks." i said. I know it will be quite impossible to prepare a quotation within an hour. What more, the travelling time from this place, back to KL, takes approximately an hour. I was determine. As i mention, I regard this as an adventure. I took the challenge and i definitely going to complete this task in an hour.

I immediately called up office and ask for support. Within 30mins, office have prepared the quotation and emailed Anonymous Beauty. For my part, within 15mins, i calculated everything and sms her and called her for the price. I feel myself being impressively efficient. Later that night, i emailed her an official quotation.

As i drove back to KL. My mind was lingering around the issue of my ex-collegue as the competitor of my product. I mean, competition is fine. But we are all bound to a contract that we cannot be involve in competitor products. So i asked my manager for clarification. "I dont know" was the first reply i received from her. I told her the whole incident, and suddenly she blurted out Miss S was doing YYY brand. I was shock! S was her friend, her housemate, and how come she told me she didn't know in the first place!

What an outright lie!

I hated the feeling of someone being dishonest. Fine~ Another adventure, i consoled myself! I'm just a pathetic employee and i dont have to keep it personal for things occuring in this company. I did what i had to do. Lies or no lies, is beyond my control.

The next day, Anonymous Belle called me saying she didnt receive my email. Suspecting something amiss, i asked her to email my office general email.

"Weii..you know who this is or not?" asked Mister R.

"What??" i asked in confusion.

"Wahlau eh..your customer, is ex-colleague also lah. Last time also handle product XXX, before you came here." Mister R explained.

I was stunned.

Speechless for 5 seconds then i broke into a laugh. This now all make sense. The joke is on me again.

This is what we call~ Life.

Note: Since many don't understand what i'm talking about earlier. here's the simplified version.

Anonymous Beauty: Ex-Colleague, currently is customer. Previously handle brand XXX
Miss S: Ex-colleague. Now competitor, handling brand YYY. Previously handle brand XXX.
Manager: Current manager.
Mister R: Current colleague.
Me: Handling brand XXX.

Anonymous Beauty, Miss S, Manager, Mister R knows each other. While, I'm running around to promote XXX to Anonymous Beauty. Not knowing that she already knows much about it.

Feel like being toyed around! FML!


RedButtockz Wern said...

entah kenapa.. i tak berapa faham LOL

Raymond Choo said...

yea redbuttockz..
i oso tak berapa faham..
nic.. the moral of the story is??

that anonymous beauty run a same business wanna curi your company info? (if im your boss will sue her and takeover her company)

or she wanna fool you around? (just treat her as a fool)

or her housemate aka ur boss ask her to test your ability to work efficiently?? (you proved you r efficient employee)

kRaZy said...

quite complicated..but I think I understand a bit haha..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz. ohh complicated ke?

@Raymond Choo:

1. I will re-edit and put moral of story later.
2. Until today i dont know her intentions of calling me up. Maybe treating me like a fool... We'll see whether she'll buy my equipment or not.
3. Dont think its about proving efficiency. I think its a joke because Anonymous Beauty knows Miss S (competitor), and Miss S knows my manager. Anonymous Beauty knows my manager because she used to work with us. In short, they know each other.

hudamcgyver said...

hurm~ hurm~

u still can do bisnes even they (competitors) noe each other rite? hehe

sorry, i oso try to understand the moral of the story since i'm no good in english. hehe

Dewi Batrishya said...

I hate dishonest people also..! (>.<)

Simon Seow said...

They sek bao moh si jou is it? If already know the product so well, just issue PO lah bloody hell.

araleling said...

quite complicated but, kinda 'wu liau' All also know the stuff but still make it like don't know each other -_-''