Thursday, April 8

2010 Chinese Orchestra Group of MMU

On the 1st of April, when everyone is playing April Fool's pranks on each other,
I was blessed with invitation for April Fool's Rhapsody.

Yeah~ Feeling proud to have a friend, who not only DID NOT fool me, but gave me the ticket of opportunity for me to experience the authentic chinese orchestra.

Thanks Matthew~

Matthew is the MOST HANDSOME guy in the picture below..
Can you find him?

It was an inspiring concert. I closed my eyes while listening so that my mind is transported into another dimension.

and Matthew kept complaining that i was snoring throughout the event!!
( I didn't snore, i fart only )
LOL..joking lah!

We were entertained with 10 songs:

  1. TVB Oldies - Theme from Legend of the Condor Heroes I + Theme from Legend of Dagger Li + Theme from Shanghai Bund
  2. RASA SAYANG EH!--Famous Malaysia Traditional Song
  3. Joyful Harvest -- The joyfulness of apple farmer when harvesting their apple.
  4. Descendants of the Dragon -- Famous Chinese Song
  5. Romantic Songs -- By Erhu and Piano Accompany
  6. My Friend -- Iranian Traditional Song
  7. Go The Shear-- Australian Traditional Song
  8. Flowers and Butterflies ---China Jiangsu Province Traditional Song
  9. Waltzing Matilda---Famous Song of Australia, a.k.a Australia Informal Nation Anthem
  10. Theme from Doraemon --Japanese Famous Cartoon
Here's one of the songs i managed to record (please forgive the poor quality):

Waltzing Mathilda

While, here is the ever-famous: Doraemon Theme Song.

After the concert, the performers were relieved...

This is the whole team of talented musician.

Due to my hidden talents, i became part of the team.
My talent is so hidden that I don't even know what it is, so don't bother asking.

My Fav photo of the day!
Because I look thin beside Matthew Matthew is handsome.

Poser MsXeRoZ Nicole!


Overall, i think that the performance is great. This is the first time i see with my very own eyes, and listen with my very own ears. I was impressed with the performance, especially the main attraction, the Yang Qin player.

However, i believe that there is room for improvement. The sound of the er hu and flute is sometimes too deafening. This eventually drown the other instruments.

Hopefully i will be invited for their future performance and listen to beautiful songs again!


Unknown said...

Yang Qin is very impressive. I first see someone play it during a Chinese Opera. Wanted to learn but no chance.
Must be fun going for Orchestra.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Yupz..very impressive to see their wrist strength and accuracy.

Kelvin said...
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Kelvin said...

They played doraemon O.O
Is it nice? I Can't match the song with chinese orchestra haha^^

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@kelvin, you can listen to the video there~ and see for yourself.

Matthew Gan said...

haha !

really happy that u like this concert ...and thx for ur supporting

sure will invite u for the next coming concert ....


RedButtockz Wern said...

wish i could go..

Kelvin said...

Wah, not bad wor~ have to update my long time never update browser to see lol.

Anonymous said...

the sound too deafening should go fire the sound system company