Thursday, April 29

Movie: Iron Man 2!

Iron Man is BACK!

To be frank, i think most of us have been anticipating the release of Iron Man 2 (from Marvel Comics).

When Iron Man was released in 2008, i was sceptical and had assumed that it's a stupid kiddo movie. But i still watch it, then i realized, the stupid kiddo cartoon is called..

The Iron GIANT. =.=

The Iron Giant and Iron Man look so familiar (Look at their silly helmets)! How can you blame me for mistaken them both..

Iron Man (2008) was impressive, very impressive to be exact. It actually made me fall in love with Robert Downey Jr. (before i found out he is actually 45 yrs old).

Thanks to TianChad for inviting me to be his exclusive guest of honor for the movie!
Thanks to LG for inviting TianChad..
(Thanks LG & TianChad)

We went to Midvalley, then found out that the movie is in Gardens O(=.=)o

Movie starts at 9.30pm, and most of the invited guests were waiting for the hall to be ready.
The Signature GSC was quite impressive, with the staff queuing up to welcome and wish us "Enjoy Your Movie"..

The first thing i dislike was the repeated announcement "For all LG Guest, please switch off your handphones and all electronic devices when you enter the cinema" It is very loud, high-pitched, and somehow annoying. It actually sounds rude too!
Perhaps the announcer can work on her intonations~ I'm sure she actually doesn't mean to offend anyone.

The cinema seats were impressive. They were all in "doubles" for couples..
With Popcorn & Coke for all guests..

Yummy..Everything was neat and orderly. They even seal the popcorn. Very thoughtful. Nice.

Despite the signature seats of the GSC, the cinema actually has a bad stench. It smells of urine. It totally make us feel uncomfortable. The seats were torn and cushion is quite hard.
(I prefer the normal seats)

The story sparks off right after Tony Stark declares to the world that he is the IRON MAN. The US Government wants him to turn in his weapon (the Iron Man suit), which he declines. He is also suffering from blood intoxication, and probably die due to the side effects of his nuclear arc. Approaching death, he decides to live like he's dying and neglected his duties in Stark Industry, creating chaos, and mess.

He was convinced that NOBODY would ever have his suit. Until his nemesis came, stronger than he is..

Tony unpredictably hand's over his business to Pepper Pots, his ex-assistant.

and Natalie was hired as his new assistant.
(WTF..he's such a lucky guy)

So, will Tony die?

Will Stark Industries changed to Potts Industries?

Who is the other IronMan?

Who will win in the battle or Iron Man vs Bad Guy with whip?

Will there be an Iron Man 3?

Find the answers for yourself!
Official trailer to quench your Iron desire~
BTW, I would like to suggest an English name for TianChad..


  1. There's a hidden clip after the credits (after the movie ends). Catch it out! If you miss it, you can read what is it about here.
  2. If you watch the movie, you'll find a funny guy named Happy Hogan. He is actually the director of Iron Man 2, Jon Favreau. LOL!


Ratings & Opinions:

Overall: 8/10
Cinema: 3/10 (Signature GSC, Gardens)

1. Antagonist die too fast.
2. Confused over appearance of certain characters.

Movie: Ironman 2 ~ Sneak Peek!!!

WoOt WoOt~!!!!

Ironman 2 is here!!!
And I have watched it tonight @ Gardens. Thanks to Ironman-Wannabe, TianChad!
*~*Xie Xie Ni*~*

Basically here's the summary (courtesy of

After confessing his identity as Iron Man to the world, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) comes under fire from the United States Government who demand he hand over the powerful weapon that is the Iron Man suit. As the Government attempts to create a duplicate suit with the assistance of Stark's rival, Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), Tony's long time friend Jim Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is put center stage in the conflict. Meanwhile, a mysterious and dangerous foe emerges in Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), who creates an alternate and powerful persona known as Whiplash in order to exact revenge on the Stark family once and for all... it isn't long before he unites with Hammer in an effort to destroy Iron Man. With the arrival of his shady new assistant (Scarlett Johansson), and persistent recruitment attempts from S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Stark needs all the help he can get in order to overcome the obstacles.

I have been expecting IronMan 2 for a very long time...For me, it's not the BEST movie of the year yet, but then it has live up to my expectations! You can indulge in a fusion of action, comedy, and a tinge of romance.

There's only one word to describe Robert Downey Jr + Gwyneth Paltrow + Scarlett Johansson = HOT!!

More detailed post coming tomorrow because i lost the camera-pc transfer cable !!!

Wednesday, April 28

Road Trip with My Broadband

I feel that everything i do daily is a routine: Wake up--> Work--> Sleep... and it goes on and on for most of the day. I believe most of you would feel the same way too!

Once we stepped into the working world, the so called world of the adults, there's no turning back! Yes, this world is fun- It makes us feel all "growned up". Gone were the days we beg money from parents to buy things.. Gone were the days we have to ask permission from parents for everything we do.

"Pa, can i see 8TV?"

"Mummy, tonight eat KFC can?"

"Bro, can I use the internet?"

NO MORE. See whatever channels you want~ Eat KFC 365 days for all you want, and Use the internet as freely you want!

Working life do have its disadvantageous! We no longer get to skip work as we like. Sick must be approved with MC, and fixed lunch hours. -.-

Worse of all, if someone calls you for work on weekends, you have to comply.

This is why, to release ourself from being tortured by work, we should go for a trip.
Maybe a short vacation, long holidays or a one-day road trip!

Which i did, last Saturday evening!

I went all the way to Semenyih and join a bunch of guys for fishing~
A beautiful scenery adorn the place with clean, fresh air.
It was very peaceful.

The sky was bright, with silver clouds..
But as hours passed, there's a tinge of loneliness..

I felt like..

a mother hen in the village...

I feel so helpless, looking for worms in the damp soil.
The guys were ignoring me, busy baiting the fish!

INTERNET!!! I NEED INTERNET!!!!! *i shieked*
And how i wish i have a Wiggy with me.

I guess i cant live without the internet!

Oh ya~ Almost forgotten to share Project Alpha episodes with you all!
I wish upon the shining star that one day i'd be a successful blogger and release myself from the curse of staying inside this small cubicle.
Ep 8:

Ep 9:

Ep 10:

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Tuesday, April 27

Go Gatsby!


Ok Tigress MsXeRoZ roars away the emo-ness and suey-ness of working life.

It's time for a more lively, fun post for all my beloved readers... *glee*
Yupz that's right! I haven't blog about the Gatsby Fair which took place on 17th April!
(This time, the pictures will do the talking)

Nuffnang asked us to arrive early.
Some of us were there by 9.30am, but the registration booths weren't opened yet!

Once the booths are opened, we were all jammed to queue up.
Bad thing is, the lines weren't properly formed. We have no idea which line we belong too.
Hopefully Nuffnang will improve on this are in the next upcoming events.

I was lucky as my blogname started with the letter "M". I was the first amongst my gang to redeem my goodie bag. To my aghast, my name wasn't even on the invited blogger list!
(Not the first time though!)
Thank God, Rob and Fresh allows me to add into the guest list.
Hopefully Nuffnang will improve on the invitation mechanism.

Nothing to do but to linger around the registration area..

Waiting for TianChad & TheRedButtockz to enter.

After that, we all changed into the Gatsby T-shirt which was given to us.

Got a bunch of pretty amoi welcoming us by spraying the new deodorant on us.

With the new scent, we felt sexy and posed too!

My first game was "Lawan Gusti" with TheRedButtockz Wern.
No need to see also know I kalah one~

Next game was loop throwing~
Never once did it enter... Yucks~ I'm so UNtalented...

Then we went to the next booth~

Where we had to aim the ball into the hole, in which i failed once again~

Okay, I'm good with this..

We played halfway, and had to stop for 10mins for opening ceremony...
As usual, TianChad efficiently snoop into the front line..

When everyone was busy upfront..
(and was featured in New Strait Times too!)

we were busy pretending macho in front of the fan...

Then we had to go to another area for photo session, that marks the entry of "Largest Blogger Gathering" in Malaysian Book of Records..

Simon Seow scored some points with

Then we continued collecting points by focusing on the games.

Alright, here's my favorite game!

Cant climb on it!

I dont know why i have the cowboy hat, but i kinda like this look! WAHAHA..





Aiyak~ Fall already!!!

After that we head on to Kenny Rogers for lunch!

Not many people yet, so thankfully the service is not as slow-poke as usual.
(Had a horrible experience at this Kenny Roger branch last year)

Met "Kak Joan" (Maple IGN: CuteHazel) at Times Square. We used to be kanak-kanak ribena not too long ago in Maple Story!

Look how much I have aged!!!!

After lunch, there was a lucky draw session. Me and TheRedButtockz Wern used our mindpower to attract good aura so that we can win a Nintendo Wii
(Dont know what Wii is, but i assume it's a good thing)..

Too bad. It was far from "Wheeee!"
We saw Wii slipped into the arms of others. *Sad*

After that we went to queue up to redeem our coupons. Me and Wern had total of 72 points~!!!

After that we went for bottomless Coca-Cola~
and finish our remaining energy there!

I went home RICHER.

I have enough hair cream/gels/spray for more than 3 years~

Don't be shock if i appear Stylo Mylo in future!

Hopefully there's more happy post coming ahead!

Another Lie?

"I would like to ask about Product XXX. Are you the one in charge?" asked the Anonymous Beauty.
"Yes, I am. How can i help?" i replied.
"I'm giving you a last chance to propose me XXX, because i already finalize it yesterday."
I frowned. What logic is this, since you already finalize it, why did you call me? But i decided to give it a go.
"Well, perhaps i can pass you some information, hope its not too late" i gambled.
" Yes sure, i have to meet you today, otherwise just forget it" Anonymous Beauty replied.
So i drove all the way, along the bumpy roads of Malaysia highways. The sun, was scorching hot as usual. Despite turning the air cond into level 3, i felt my back soaked with sweat. I wasn't familiar with that area, followed behind lorry and avoid over speeding. I know the area was filled with cops, lurking to earn some "pocket" money.

I arrived at my destination, and informed the receptionist that i came to see Anonymous Beauty. After 10mins, Anonymous Beauty arrived, and told me, "I forgotten that you would come, luckily i recalled otherwise i would have asked the receptionist to ask you to leave because I'm busy right now".

"Haha" and i smiled. I am amazed at my professional ability to keep vulgar words from being emitted from my lips. So i decided to cut the crap and begin presenting. From the body language, she refused to reveal anything in particular, and doesn't seem to be very interested. Only God knows why she contacted me for more info when she doesn't seem to need it. Well, guess in sales line, there's always such "classy" people that we need to entertain. I'm fine with it. I treat it as an adventure!

So she told me she got my competitor price. "Do you know who is running the YYY Brand?" she asked. Shocked, and curious as well, i replied "Not very sure of. This YYY is not very known in the market". Anonymous beauty said, "Well, your ex-colleague is the one running this brand. You better check out on it". Dumbfounded. My mind totally went empty.

"Okay, i need these few items, " as she roughly flip those pages of catalogue and gave me 6 items she needed. It's now 4.45pm, i end my work at 5.45pm. You have to prepare me the quotation within 1 hour. Can you work it out? I need to finalize the pricings and submit to my boss today.

"Okay, sure. I can make it. Thanks." i said. I know it will be quite impossible to prepare a quotation within an hour. What more, the travelling time from this place, back to KL, takes approximately an hour. I was determine. As i mention, I regard this as an adventure. I took the challenge and i definitely going to complete this task in an hour.

I immediately called up office and ask for support. Within 30mins, office have prepared the quotation and emailed Anonymous Beauty. For my part, within 15mins, i calculated everything and sms her and called her for the price. I feel myself being impressively efficient. Later that night, i emailed her an official quotation.

As i drove back to KL. My mind was lingering around the issue of my ex-collegue as the competitor of my product. I mean, competition is fine. But we are all bound to a contract that we cannot be involve in competitor products. So i asked my manager for clarification. "I dont know" was the first reply i received from her. I told her the whole incident, and suddenly she blurted out Miss S was doing YYY brand. I was shock! S was her friend, her housemate, and how come she told me she didn't know in the first place!

What an outright lie!

I hated the feeling of someone being dishonest. Fine~ Another adventure, i consoled myself! I'm just a pathetic employee and i dont have to keep it personal for things occuring in this company. I did what i had to do. Lies or no lies, is beyond my control.

The next day, Anonymous Belle called me saying she didnt receive my email. Suspecting something amiss, i asked her to email my office general email.

" know who this is or not?" asked Mister R.

"What??" i asked in confusion.

"Wahlau eh..your customer, is ex-colleague also lah. Last time also handle product XXX, before you came here." Mister R explained.

I was stunned.

Speechless for 5 seconds then i broke into a laugh. This now all make sense. The joke is on me again.

This is what we call~ Life.

Note: Since many don't understand what i'm talking about earlier. here's the simplified version.

Anonymous Beauty: Ex-Colleague, currently is customer. Previously handle brand XXX
Miss S: Ex-colleague. Now competitor, handling brand YYY. Previously handle brand XXX.
Manager: Current manager.
Mister R: Current colleague.
Me: Handling brand XXX.

Anonymous Beauty, Miss S, Manager, Mister R knows each other. While, I'm running around to promote XXX to Anonymous Beauty. Not knowing that she already knows much about it.

Feel like being toyed around! FML!

Monday, April 26

Fate? Luck? or Karma?


My alarm clock started to wake me me up. Feeling annoyed, i turned it off and regain conciousness. I heard the sound of raindrops beating the roof, and the fierce lighting. It was 6.30am, and was raining heavily. Despite several psychological attempts to fake an illness and skip work today, my responsible self got the better of me. I woke up, brushed my teeth drowsily, and head off to work. 7.00am and I'm out of home. I could see XeRoZ's corpse silhouette on the bed. It's a rare sight, as today is his first time, taking a full day leave from work.

It was pouring cats and dogs, i rushed out to my car without an umbrella. Part of me wanted to curse and swear, why in 2 years, i have never woken so early for work and it happened today the weather was perfect for sleeping and i had to wake up. I psycho myself to think positively and prayed the best is yet to come!

I had a smooth ride, despite the rain. Listening to the morning radio as i watch the sun rise was quite fun...until i reached the Sunway LDP toll at about 7.30am. The road will so hectic and the jam has begun.

I was stucked there for about 45mins to an hour. My aim is to reach Federal Highway and head straight up to Shah Alam. The rain has began to stop. I breathe a sigh of relief as I turned into the Federal Highway. The road is smooth sailing and i was right. There's no congestion towards Shah Alam direction, i began pressing some numbers on my phone, wanting to inform my customer that i will be a little late (just in case). I called twice and nobody picked up the phone.

Feeling slightly worried and down, i focused on the road, and drove. Suddenly my phone beeped, indicating a sms. Written "Urgent, going Perak now". I was in a state of distress when i saw the sms. can this happen on such a beautiful morning where i woke up so early, and now you told me that you wouldn't be there!

I arrived at Shah Alam about 8.30am. It feels really down, and i dragged my feet to her office and slid all the documents underneath the gaps of the door. I told her i had arrived and she suggested me to slid the documents in. As i walked out of the building, i smelled the fresh morning air and thought, this must be a good time for me to apply for my week-long phuket holiday leave. Since it's only 8.45am, I'm sure my boss would be surprised on how dedicated i am on my work that i'm out at about this early. (FYI, my office hours is 9-6). Dialled the number and as I expected, Mr. Boss picked up the phone.

"Hello. Good morning Boss, this is Nicole here," I said.
"Yes, Nicole. Anything wrong?" Boss replied.
"Erm, Boss, actually i would like to apply leave on May" I explained, feeling hopeful.
"Ok, where will you be?" Boss asked me. "Are you going anywhere?"
"I'm going to Phuket for a week, Boss." I answered him. By this time, i had a heavy feeling in my heart.
"One week! Nicole, as you know..............................................................................."
".......................................................................if you ask me other times, i will approve, but not now."
"Postpone your holiday, as now you are the only one handling the product" he said.

"Okay" I didn't want to argue. I didn't want to explain furthermore.
I told him, I've booked the ticket last year, before my manager got pregnant (and she's on maternity leave now).

I have a responsibility towards this company, i know. I just wanted to try. Too bad I failed.

My failure to obtain the leave for Phuket is very disappointing. All the while, i boasted that my company is very flexible, understanding and nice. But I understand too, never work mix with play. It's also saddening that my plans and activities that i have done and put effort are all going to waste. All the efforts of reading blogs, searching for hotels and tour packages- simply gone.

I brushed my feelings aside, think positively and then move on with life. I went on with my presentation with another customer, and before lunch, met another __________ (pls fill in the blanks with a right adjective) customer.

I shall share with you my encounter with the customer in other post. All i know, life is all about ups and downs.

Maybe i should hire someone to whack me so that i can have MC for a week?

Thursday, April 22

My Dream Destination

Lately there's much things I had to do in work.
Less time for Facebook, Blogs and Contest.
It felt really stressful, because most of the time, i had to check on emails, and receive calls.
The horribly hot weather is aggravating the stress too! Had to drive in scorching hot sun and suddenly it rains. I had to be hot, and cold most of the time!

It was also a disappointed week for me- being bullied by customers, and worse of all, my 1 week leave to Phuket was rejected by Mr. Boss.

Sad. But i know my priorities.. I had to let go certain things for the greater good. Something called, Utilitarianism- Cant believe i'd be talking about Utilitarianism despite being superbly busy.

Of course, right now, all i could think of is my dream holiday!

My dream destination should be peaceful, free from the hustle and bustle of the city..

I would like to spend my morning, watching the sun rise slowly~

Bury my head body under the white, smooth sand..

Collecting seashells.. Lazing under the sun..

And then go for a beautiful morning swim~
*provided there's no sharks or jellyfish around*

Will my wish come true? I dont know.. All I know is that I will be fully occupied with work until July! God Bless =)

Now all i do after work is rest at home and watch Project Alpha! My instant stress reliever remedy...
Here's the latest episode!

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