Friday, March 19

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night!

Why so???

It's St. Patrick's Day Celebration @ Central Park, 1 Utama TODAY!!!!

Thanks to the generosity of Guinness Malaysia, I won a pint of Guinness & St. Patrick's Magnet!

Perhaps many of you don't know what does St. Patrick's day represent, well let me share with you...

*dramatic music*

Saint Patrick's Day falls on 17th March, originally was a Catholic feast day, and then it became a secular celebration of Ireland's Culture. Green ribbons & Shamrocks are the St. Patrick's day icon!

OK, my explanation is very brief and simple because I don't know much about it as well If i were to write the whole history of this event, then all of you would probably fall asleep halfway

Anyways, It's gotta be fun & laughter tonight!!!!

Anyone going??? See you there!

I'll post up my fun filled moments here when i'm back! =)

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Ken Wooi said...

enjoy yourself =D