Saturday, March 6

There's Something Growing At My Back

I've been bed-rolling for about 3 hours. My eyes were very dry despite not being in the air-cond room. It's really hard for me to sleep nowadays. Either the weather is too hot, or I'm just being restless!

So let me share with you some horrid experience of something which grew at my back!

I was curious on what's growing on my back. It was strategically located right on my bra strap position, and it hurts me terribly when i lie down.

I had no choice but to, forcefully remove it out!

The procedure was painful, with no anesthetic provided. I had to bite on my pillow!
This thing looks like a pimple, but it is huge, and not easy to burst.

So we had to use nail clippers, needles, and two fingers for extraction..

and OMG!

For no reason, inside the "thing" there's a hard, rock-like object, black in colour!
I thought it was dried blood, perhaps i brushed over it when i was sleeping the previous night. But we squash it, and pinch it, the black coloured object is still solid.

I wonder what it is???

So folks, drink more water, keep your body clean and healthy~!
Otherwise, you gonna have the same fate as me!


Ken Wooi said...

maybe it's some incest's egg.. luckily you took it out.. or else it'll grow into worms inside!! HAHAH =P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[Kenwooi] Oh Ken..yucks.. dun frighten me leh~!!!

RedButtockz Wern said...

woi geli jijik

TianChad田七 said...

I guess it is some metal pieces from your bra?

ayu said...

wtz dt.......????