Monday, March 22

No Sweat!

Mom once told me to get on my feet and exercise. I have been putting much weight since i graduated two years ago! I guess that I've been blessed with a stress-less, happy working environment, where i can sleep well, eat well without worrying much.

Eating too much, and sleeping too well, sometimes causes us to be as lazy as a pig!
So, according to mom, sweating is good!

But what happens when sweating causes discomfort?

I love going to events, and enjoy all the fun. But i hate it when i sweat!
And here's the reason why:-
  1. When I produce too much sweat, I will feel sticky & itchy!
  2. It looks very ugly to be sweaty because my bra-strap mark will be visible on the wet shirt.
  3. My make up will smear and I ended up looking like Joker.
  4. I think I stink!

It's not a sin nor a crime to sweat! But it's just unpleasant!
Furthermore, it's not something we can control of!

So, how can we sweat without fear??

How can we combat the horrid body odour?

For me, I'd choose to prefer well-balanced diet and improve my personal hygiene.
  1. Eat more vegetable & fruits- They contain vitamins & antioxidant that helps reduce your body toxins, & exterminate body odour bacteria too!
  2. Drink more water-flush all the bad stuff out, and keep body hydrated.
  3. Bathe using anti-bacterial soap.
  4. Don't sleep when you are sweating. You'll only make the mattress smells like you.
  5. Use a deodorant if you know you'll be out for whole day!
What about you? What do you do to stay fresh whole day??
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