Wednesday, March 10

Money is Everything in Malaysia...

Are you a nature-enthusiast like me?

Have you ever called up some close friends, and out suggested that we all go for some nature sightseeing & photography?

I did.

Last July 2009, i was busy with work and XeRoZ went to Ulu Langat's famous waterfalls, Sg. Gabai for photography.

I was left behind.

I was left behind, and wasn't very happy with it!

So, since TianChad has bought a brand new DSLR, i thought i'd organize a nature sightseeing & photography trip there.

We had half-boiled eggs as breakfast. It was very delicious, because kampung eggs are hard to come by.

This is the normal-sized, oval-shaped egg.

Whereas the kampung egg, is spherical-shaped, smaller-sized egg.

After filling our empty stomach, we continued our journey deep into the village.

Green trees welcomed us, and the air was so fresh!

We paid RM1/person. So totalled up to RM4.

As we were happily discussing about finding secluded spot with breathtaking sceneries, we were stopped by this uncle.

He informed us that BIG CAMERA's are not allowed.


If you want to bring in the DSLR, entry fee for EACH DSLR IS RM5

On what reasons?
1. Misuse of Camera.
I find this is a lame reason, because, what do you mean when you say DSLR owners misuse their camera? Don't normal compact digicam too can be used to capture photos? Why only charge DSLR? Any peeping tom or pervert can still misuse their cameras by snapping people bathing/changing/swimming and etc.

2. Haven been charging for big camera for years.
I find this reason not valid, you can google search about this waterfall and find many nature lovers brought their DSLR to capture the breathtaking view.

3. This is law.
What kind of law is this? Please specify what law states that DSLRs must be charged upon entering a waterfall?

In short, this whole sh*t is ridiculous!

The DSLR "entrance" fee is more expensive than our entrance fee.

And so we left, infuriated.

And we vowed, to never return to this place again.

People are not only destroyer of nature, but are milking money from it too.

It's too late...

(Read more at XeRoZ's blog: here)


kusut said...

omg they charge RM5??? sg gabai used to be the place to go when we had photography assignments to do. that was years ago btw. why charge money to bring in camera?

wait who are those people anyway? that is so not right.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[Kusut] Exactly! The pakcik said because ada banyak case "salahguna camera". They are the JKKK members who are in-charge of the parking & entrance fee.

Unknown said...

OMG. RM5? so terrible. salahguna camera means what? taking picture? you guys are not bringing video cam also. If pay the no salahguna already meh? What an attitude..

Anonymous said...

lol! Stupid rule!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[SupiaChao] Perhaps in Malaysia, money can solve all the "salah guna".

[Joshua] I agree with you. =)

Blur Pei said...

This is the 1st time i heard bout bringing camera need charge so that wont salahguna.. GOOD reason!

Spicy Sharon said...

U r not the first one!!

I have actualli read about this before.. PLENTY OF TIMES....

really, WTF is wrong with these people!! Gosh.. should black list them..