Tuesday, March 16

I Won $$$$$ Thanks To "The Nescariant Victory"!

I hesitated for quite some time whether to blog about this or not.
Firstly, I hope my enthusiasm doesn't offend anyone, especially those participated in this contest.

I have to calm my emotions down, and prepare this blogpost for future memories!

Last year, i participated in Nescafe Chill-lah Contest!

The contest was broken down into 3 mechanisms:
1. Write a script containing homonyms spoken by Nescafe. (100 scripts will be uploaded online for voting).
2. Vote for your script- Only 20 scripts will be chosen.
3. The 20 Scripts chosen have to produce a video based on the scripts submitted.
4. 50% voting & 50% judges decision to finalize the top 10 winners.

Here's my script:-

Due to hard work & determination, I my script made it to Top 20.


And I managed to produce a video for my fantasy script, with the help of my close friends. We didn't sleep for 3 days to rush for it.

We have given our 100% and no regrets after that!
This is the first time I shoot a video!

I WON!!!

I'm also glad to see that my buddies who voted for me won something as well!

They won GSC Movie tickets from Nescafe!


Not only that, being a Nuffnang member is also rewarding!

Nuffnang will cash in additional RM1,000.00 for Glitterati members who managed to be Top 20 finalists!

Thanks to friends who helped me vote,
Thanks to buddies who cared about me,
Thanks to bloggers who shared about my story,
Thanks for Nescafe who chose me to be the winner,
Thanks Nuffnang who is so generous!
Thanks everyone who is reading this!


Tekkaus said...

Wow....congrates. :D

Ken Wooi said...

wow rm1000 right away.. i guess hardwork really pays off.. congrats! =D

TianChad田七 said...

Congratz again for the winning~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[Tekkaus] Congrats on ur visitors bloom too!

[kenwooi] Yupz, i wouldnt want to go through the whole process anymore!

[TianChad] Yeah!TQ

DanielCtw.com said...

Yer... RM1000. I want I want... Ahhhhh~~~~~~~

Anyway congrats oh.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[Danielctw] hahas..Join the next competition by nuffnang k?

Unknown said...

fuahhh jealoussssssss...sponsor me new lens can?? XD

kumfye said...



IyouweBlog.com said...

congratz man! great creativity!
nanged u. Can u imagine the earth without human? nnag this to find out!

Anonymous said...

It's the big prize you have won there. Bravo and congraz to you :)

yeekai5 said...

congraz ya nicole :)

kRaZy said...

congratz on ur win. you deserved it ^^

blablar said...

wee ~ tickets tickets ~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

TQTQ for all your wishes =)