Monday, March 8

I Just Love Good Smelling People...

What do we do, when we are near someone who has bad body odor?


We wear masks to protect ourselves from the stench?
But, wearing masks is not the best option when dealing with people with body odor.

Imagine that during a friends gathering and what happens IF one of them smells bad?

Would you smile happily for a group shot then?

Or you would hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed so that the photograph session will end as soon as possible?

*See how happily they smile*

I i were to give you two choices:

A handsome looking dude with weird odor?
Somebody average with nice smell?

Who will you choose?

Let me tell you my story then..
This happened two weeks ago~

It was a beautiful evening, and we are about to go for steamboat buffet dinner.

As we drove down hill, we heard cars & bikes horning at us, while flashing lights..
We stopped by the roadside, and *gasps*
punctured tyre!

Being the only guy, XeRoZ had to do all the tyre-changing process by himself.

As for me, i stayed as far as possible, not to get in his way, because i don't know how to help.

It took him about 5mins to get the flattened tyre out.

And replaced it with the spare tyre. I could see that he's all sweaty, there were sweat stains on his t-shirt!

He looked pretty exhausted too!

Poor guy~!

Despite sweating heavily, XeRoZ is not stinky!
Thanks to his deodorant!
Love Good Smelling People, what about you?

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Blur Pei said...

I preffer nice smell guy with average looking one :)
my bf do sweats a lot even eating...:P luckily he is not smelly at all...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

[Blur Pei] haha, same case here. My bf dont sweat much except during sports and work. He has his odor, but still acceptable.