Thursday, March 25

The Beauty of Pudu Alleys

Last night i was spying playing on XeRoZ's laptop when he was bathing.

Then i found some photographs that i almost forgotten i was there!

Not too long ago, i joined Nuffnang, and started to be active in blogging..Met an inniter called Joyce, who is nice to meet up for photography session!

He brought us to places we never knew exist, places we never knew how to go to..

Below is a photograph taken by my ex-camera, the image looks so blue and calm.

My hair was straight at that time.. I come to wonder, straight nicer or curly nicer?

*think yellow abit*

Oh no, my sakai stunt!

And me shitting sitting in the dark alley.

Time has passed so fast, i can see that i have a baldy crown. T_T

Wonder whether I'm still bald now.

Lastly, my favorite photo of the day~



Simon Seow said...

Hey, you look very nice in straight hair.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thanks!!! ok i go straighten it again next month!

Ronikenz said...

love your pictures really big and nice!(:

Garfield said...

hmm, places around pasar seni is indeed full of artistic stuffs...