Wednesday, February 3

Ugly Cooking Episode 2

Last month, out of the blue i initiated a MsXeRoZ project, called Ugly Cooking! see it here.

I started this project because i feel that humans should know how cook. Not only women, but guys too! I've known a few guys who can cook confidently, and deliciously too. So, if guys can do it, why can't I do it?

I never liked cooking and is afraid of the popping oil that burns. But I realized that I can't continue to live on hawker & restaurant food. It's unhealthy and it burns our pocket, since food in Puchong/USJ area is quite expensive. (Eg. RM6.90 above for a plate for fried rice)

Thus, Nicole aka MsXeRoZ will learn to cook, and experiment her ways in the kitchen!

Ugly --> My food looks disgusting (solemnly swear I will improve), I look disgusting when I cook too..
Cooking -->Something related with food..

My aim is to prepare good (physical & taste) food, and turn into a beautiful lady (yeah) at the same time!

So ladies and gentlemen,

*~* Ugly Cooking Episode 2*

Last week, i went to the market to buy a fish.
This is my first time steaming fish, and it is very dry because i thought it'll need a long time so i took a bath! *stupid me*
This is one of my favorite fish~! I gonna improve my steaming skills!
The second dish is a simple meal of fried eggs (you'll see alot of episodes with fried eggs! hehe).
I cooked this eggs with "chai poh", that it tasted sweet and crunchy. =)
This is one of my favorite dish as a kid.
*Mama I Love You*
This soup is prepared by Wern & Me. We love experimenting with our soupy skills. We are experts in creating Soup "Sampah" (translation: Rubbish soup)

However, I cannot name this soup as "Soup Sampah" because in my future upcoming episodes there will be many different versions of "Soup Sampah". So, i shall name this particular soup as "Soup Serai" (translation: lemongrass soup)

You cant see the lemongrass because we put in tofu, fishballs, mushroom and some salted vege inside too. It's tasted quite bland (no meat inside) and mild lemongrass fragrance.
Definitely have room for improvements =)

This is how i rate my food:-
Fish: 6/10 -->Too dry, shorten steaming time.
Egg: 8/10 -->"Chai Poh" not crunchy enough and is not diced finely enough.
Soup: 5/10 -->Tasted bland, need more lemongrass and reduce the sampah.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments. It's ok if you laugh at my cooking! Remember, Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Watch out for the next episode, I'll bring in more special food & guest chef appearance!

See ya then!


theeggyolks said...

LOL! looking forward for your new "inventions" XD

kumfye said...

not consider ugly cooking la...still ok ma...good job had been done...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TheEggYolks, ok haha, beware then.

@Kumfye, TQTQ, i will work harder =)

cklim said...

that fish not big, medium fire and steam < 30min should be ok d, use choptick to pork it, if uncertain

good,...i miss chai boh egg too :-p

gambateh boss..

let's organise a cny gathering for all uni mates, then cook ,,,save $$$$ :-p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

i'll be organizing a party on 20th Feb, u wanna join? we'll be cooking!

Kelvin said...

Can exchange links? Don't want to miss ur next ep^^

Blur Pei said...

i saw my mum steam fish, 15mins for big one, then 10mins for small one.add little water b4 steam so that wont so dry.
(i dono how to cook either, know how to eat ok if u ignore my above suggestions, coz i oso not so
Add oil! dont give up!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, Sure =)

@BlurPei, Yeah i heard gotta sprinkle the fish with water too..hahaha..

When im able to cook perfectly, then i'll invite u guys for dinner =)