Saturday, February 20

Spring Flower Fair

It's 20th Feb ler XD
*Meaning another few more days $alary will be out!!!*

I love 2010 Tiger Chinese New Year~!
Valentines + CNY + $alary out fast, although we work for only 15 days!

I seldom do weekend posts, but since mood is good..Feeling very well and happy today, i shall share with you some beautiful flowers of the Spring Flower Fair!

It is being held in Sunway Pyramid, ground floor of the new wing..
Beautifully placed, the flowers are nice and healthy
(because when i was there it was the beginning of the fair)
I was attracted to the beautiful colours of flowers and plants. And i thought of buying a few orchids for my mom..

When i saw the price it was written $15.00
RM15.00 for an orchid, sounds reasonable! *happy*

then i took a pot, and headed to the counter.
As i walked, a lady stopped me.

Lady: Erm, Miss this is not $15.00.
Me: *blur* HAA? What??
Lady: This is $48.00. *pulls the bigger pot out and reveal a plastic bag wrapping the orchid's roots with a tag $48.00*
Me: *shoving the orchid to the lady* $48.00 i dun wan.

And i walked away..

WTF: RM48 for a plant in plastic bag. I can go Cameron Highlands and buy those exotic type with BIG flowers for less than that!

I come to realise, in KL, everything is cut-throat! FML

I didn't buy any flowers from the fair, but i snapped almost all of the plants!
that, is of course,


Kelvin said...

I am sick this CNY...sob...T T

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


I'm also sick. Was down with flu, fever and sorethroat T_T