Monday, February 15

My Life's Good with Kris Allen

It's the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and i'm feeling bored of being lonely~! I drove all the way to Ipoh from Melaka although im partially unwell. (Was suffering from bad bout of flu & cough).

So i decided to write about how good my life is with Kris Allen (Oh, it sounded so wrong!).

Last Monday, i was honored by TianChad to attend the Kris Allen showcase at the Garden. We arrived at 7.30pm, and lost our way inside Gardens (because someone pointed at different direction and asked us to go ground floor!).
Note: Moral of story, please do not anyhow direct a lost person if you dont know the directions, k?

We managed to get there in time. Sorry to Alan, Bryan & Marcus who waited for us for a long time.

Thanks to Alan from LG, he passed me an LG Viewty Smart phone for me to experiment on.

It's also my first time meeting with Bryanlyt, whom i heard of many times and finally met him in person.

Also, glad to meet Marcus. He's so funny that he'll make you crazy!

It was a closed event, and we were served with fingerfoods, consisting of snacks & fruits. Yummy!

There's also a variety of drinks served.

Not too long later, COO of Astro, Mr. Henry Tan gave a short speech, and then we were all making our way to meet Kris Allen!

As i entered the hall, i was shone by the spotlights! The crowd are filling in the hall and yelling for Kris Allen.

I wish i'm a rock star too!

Meet with a few prominent bloggers-Angelickelz & Suresh

Then, after mass shouting & yelling, finally The Man-Kris Allen came up and greeted the crowd!

He performed a total of 10songs~!!! And the crowd is OH-SO-CRAZY over him~!!~~~!!!

The photos above are captured using 2 of LG phones- LG Chocolate BL40 & LG Viewty Smart GC900.

Thanks to LG for allowing us to explore the phones and try using them. I find that both phones are easy to manage, beautiful, and most importantly light. The S-class UI is beautiful!!! *LOVE IT*

LG Chocolate is more classy and long. I love the High Definition screen. LG has just raised to the next level of mobile phone technology. Truly fantastic!

As for LG Viewty Smart, it's camera function is superb. It can control the ISO, can do macro shots, and is able to perform what a camera does! Nice right?

I've return both phones, and it's really lonely without them. My Valentine's wish is to have a LG phone! *hintz hintz*

I'll end my post now~!
Cheers all
Happy Chinese New Year!

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ


Tekkaus said...

Wow, you get to meet Kris Allen? How cool is that.

Anonymous said...

I wish to have a bite of that LG Chocolate oh! heheheh

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Tekkaus, haha it was awesome that night!

@Joshua I wish i can give u a bite of LG Chocolate but i had returned it now. T_T Missing it terribly!

Kelvin said...

Happy Chinese New Year to u and ur family^^

ohmywtf said...

Good for u!:)

TianChad田七 said...

Nice review post =D

ohmywtf said...

Hey, I just realized ur blog name wo shi Nicole resembles the clear shampoo advertisement. Lol