Tuesday, February 23

My Letter To Panasonic Malaysia (updated with reply)...

My memories of Dong Zen temple are still fresh in mind. Then i remembered that i have an important matter to take charge! My Pinky (Lumix FS-62) had injured and i haven't send her for "treatment".

So here's my letter to Panasonic. (It's my first time dealing with them. So let's see how it will turn out)

Dear Customer Care of Panasonic Malaysia,
I am a proud owner of a Panasonic Lumix and unfortunately dropped it two weeks ago.

During the fall, one of the parts cracked.
And it couldn’t be closed properly.
I hope it can be rescued.
Here are the details that has been registered online.
Warranty No. : EW-0900135671
Model Code : DMC-FS62P
Model Description : 10MP, 2.5", 4X, LEICA
Serial No. : WL9FB001054
Date of Purchase : 13/10/2009
Standard Warranty Period : 12 Month(s) (1 Year(s))
Additional Warranty, if any : 24 Month(s) (2 Year(s))
Expiry Date : 13/10/2012

I hope that this part is still under warranty.
I hope to receive your soonest reply. Your kind response is most appreciated.

Best regards,
Ms. Nicole Chua


Sobs..Poor Pinky.. If i don't get it repaired soon, then the force of the battery's weight will crack open the holder, and it will be very inconvenient for me to cellotape it everytime i charge it.


Hopefully Panasonic will be able to rescue my Pinky *fingers crossed*

Panasonic replied me! *HAPPY*

and here is what i got from them!

FREE service + spare parts replacement cost!
Hmm.. i wonder how much will it cost?

And did you see who replied me?
Ms. Diana Ross!

I didn't know that the International Artiste is working with Panasonic! (joking, yoh)

I'm very happy at their prompt reply. I most probably gotta get it all fixed today! *Wheeeee*


Ken Wooi said...

why dont send it to a panasonic outlet? i think they have services too =)


Tekkaus said...

Agreed with Ken. Why don't you just send it for service then? Should be faster. :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ken, when i bought the camera, i went to a few Panasonic outlets (distributors). Then, i found out that some cannot even properly explain to me. Therefore i have bad impression on them.

@Tekkaus, erm...i guess another factor is my job. I'm in the scientific line and i just realised (a few moments ago), i prefer dealing directly to the manufacturer. After all the warranty, parts & expertise are there. Cost will be cheaper too (in most cases).

marccus said...

kesian the panasonic, aih... rip....