Monday, February 22

My Company Annual Dinner Singapore Trip!

It's my official WORKDAY today!

Thinking of WORK makes me think of Lee Hung Scientific and i just remembered i haven't blogged about my Singapore Trip! So here it is!

I began my journey at 5.30am, carpooled with my workmates. We arrived late despite speeding for 160~170km/j.
*Note: NOT DRIVING MY VIVA. Viva Max also 160km/j only on the speedometer. >.

We began our day with presentation, discussion, announcement of promotion, etc etc..

Then, we were grouped into 5 teams..

Guess who won?? (kekekeke...)

After the games & discussion, i was left to rot at the meeting room waiting for my turn to enter the boardroom... (As though in The Apprentice)

I was waiting him to utter the 2 words..

Fingers crossed..





The rest is not important already. *smiles* DINNER TIME!

One thing i loved about Singapore is the beautiful trees that adorn the roads. It provides sufficient shade from the scorching heat from the sun, and is pleasant to see as well!

Malaysia, please don't plant useless palm trees by the roadside! Not only the palm trees do not provide shades, but the falling leaves are SO big that when it landed on the ground, it looked like a BIG IGUANA and frightens me until i nearly bang the divider.


We had a HALAL buffet dinner at Hyatt Hotel.

Me & my workmates..

My moments with my work-related stuff ended here...Now it's time for FUN!


Beautiful skies of Singapore! Despite the development, the skies are so clear and not hazy!

I was accompanied by my MapleStory friend, Z3R0X whom i called BanBan~!
I thought of meeting up darling FairyYuna, momo SumoWrestler, cute JasCyber and Law. But it was a rushed planning. Thank God BanBan is here for me..T_T (touched)

I never thought i'd hate Sponge Bob Squarepants..

Just right after this photo is taken, my camera (Pinky) flew up and ended up crashing down!

This proves Newton Law of Gravity exists..

and my heart came tumbling down!

Anyways, It's still Chinese New Year Season!

If Christmas we had Santa Claus...
Chinese New Year we have Cai Shen (God of Wealth)

Cai Shen, I've been a good girl for Chinese New Year.. *glittering eyes*
Please bless me with ONG + HUAT + $$$$$$$$.$$ = Super Duper Compact Camera (Eg. Leica)

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huat lolz... (forced to say so) hahahaha juz kidding!!

oil palm has more market value ma!

nanged u. nang this to see my camwhore in FGS Dong Zen!

TianChad田七 said...

Fuyoh want Leica summore ;p
Hope Cai Shen bless you ba