Tuesday, February 9

Kris Allen ~ Reviving Idol Moments


I didn't plan to blog about this today. But i was partially amazed on how my Lumix FS62 (which i called Pinky) performed last night. I didn't expect much from this 'point & shoot' camera. After all, digital cameras usually have disadvantage at concerts and dark places.

So, here's my pictures from my Pinky.

Kris Allen in Malaysia!!!!

Thanks to LG for the wonderful opportunity to see Kris Allen live performance.

No doubt, Kris Allen has no boundaries with his vocal powers.

The lightings were wonderful, I love colourful stuff.
Kris were accompanied by his wonderful band, consisting of talented and good looking men.
*I gotta get XeRoZ to polish his guitar skills*

Here are some beautiful scenes of the show!

Full coverage post will come soon! Thanks LG once again for the kind invitation, and also providing LG Chocolate & LG Viewty Smart. I'm still exploring the two phones, so stay tuned for my 1st and only Phone/Showcase review!


IyouweBlog.com said...

nice photos....
haha in my wishlist: a new dslr! but since point and shoot camera also can take the above nice photos... i start to change my wishlist! lolz

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Shengfatt, hahaa..if u need a DSLR then invest in one ba. I dont like DSLR because it's too bulky. Perhaps one day if i need it, i'll get a high-end Compact Camera.

Ewin Ee said...

wah not bad eh ur camera!
nice meeting you again!

see u next time =)

bryanlyt said...

ohhhhhh! so you are the NICOLE... i thought it was another nicole lol :O

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ahahaha...ya me Nicole MsXeRoZ. Good to know ya!

Ken Wooi said...

woots.. looks fun! =)


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

It is~!!!