Tuesday, February 2

Chocolate Love

When you read the word C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E then you'll think of LG BL40, the new member of LG Black Label Series. Owwww... How i wish i can have the phone in my arms..*cuddles*

Anyways, no, I'm still in the midst of preparing my Long Longer and Longest "Why I like it Longer" post..

So here's something chocolatey to share with u guys~!

Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010
Venue: Midvalley
Date: 8th January 2010.

As you walk inside, you'll be amazed by the crowd.. Chocolate Lovers roaming along the hall.

Chocolate photographs..I wonder it will melt or grow stale?
Can it be eaten?

Assorted Chocolates~! So beautiful!

Chocolates I've never seen before~

Self-made fondue
It'll be very romantic if you can buy one set and play chocolate with your lover this Valentine's Day.
Too bad it's Chinese New Year..
So keep for next year!

Chocolate from different country~!

Network Foods Sdn. Bhd was so generous that they threw chocolates everywhere!
I was walking pass that area then suddenly the crowd push me left and right!
Chocolate bar even hit my head...

Overall i think the Chocolate Fair is very small. Most are homemade chocolate companies. Big companies did not participate in the exhibition. There's no Cadbury, No Maestro Swiss...Too Bad, hopefully next year the Chocolate Giants will be participating.

One the other end of the exhibition hall is the Wedding Expo.
I was attracted by the decorations.

and posed with it~!

Okay, when i'm getting married i would love a canopy like this.

Everyone is getting married that i dont even have space to walk across the hall.

A short post for today, gotta go on preparing upcoming posts~!


IyouweBlog.com said...

i miss this cuz i went to edu fair instead!!!! envy u! haha

nanged. nang this tq!

Ken Wooi said...

chocolateeeeee! yum! =D


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@IyouweBlog, nothing much there.. All chocolates..

@Kenwooi, fattening leh XD

Anonymous said...

I love chocolates very much geh lo! And the great thing is I won't fat. lol!