Wednesday, February 10

Celebrating Mishan's Departure to Japan!

Oh no~!! Is MsXeRoZ being paid for promoting Fullhouse or what?

No No No No No!!!

I'm not endorsing Fullhouse, nor promoting it. Most importantly, am not being paid for writing about Fullhouse! But getting paid is a good idea, ya?
*wishing Fullhouse Management reading this*

Mishan was leaving for Japan last month, and we did a so-called farewell gathering, at you-know-where (FULLHOUSE), at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is near KLCC, so you can see the beautiful corny twin towers.
(picture blurred coz i was snap-walking)

One thing that i loved about Fullhouse in KL, is the plants are more healthy looking.
(You can read my post about Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid here: "It's Jack's Birthday & I'm having fun!" )

The Cute Comic Book Menu..

The Serayan Cheapos Gang... (KianShen, Christine, Mishan, Edwin, XeRoZ, Keith, Keat, David)

Not in photos are: Jason, Jason's friend & Raymond Chai

I ordered this tea- Lavender Peppermint for RM6.80. Not bad, refillable!

It's me! Looking not-so-radiant and messy hair.
(MsXeRoZ is lazy to ban leng leng)

TheRedButtockz (my sister, Wern) & Me
Condolence to your laptop that baozha (explode) because strike by lightning. This shows that your laptop has bad karma.

Lastly~ Groupie Photos~!!!

I'd like to imagine 20yrs later, we'll be visiting the same Fullhouse, and talking about what happened 20yrs ago~!

Friends are one of the important people that helped shaped us into who we are. It's CoOL to have friends to share & care with!

To all my friends out there, let's hangout this Chinese New Year ya~!!!

Back to work,


Kelvin said...

Sent this post to their email if they have one, and see whether u can get paid~

Ken Wooi said...

always see bloggers write about fullhouse.. but i've never been there before.. =P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, LOL..i dont think so lor~

@Kenwooi, erm, coz there's not much cosy, clean & nice place to go in KL anymore. TGIF etc all too expensive for lepaking wad.