Friday, February 26

Ugly Cooking Episode 3


It's time for Ugly Cooking with MsXeRoZ Ep. 3.

For Ep. 2 i have received some nice comments from readers *Sobs..I'm so touched*

So in this Episode i'll be showing my cooking~!


"Bee Hun Ge"

(Traditional Pan Mee)

"Bee Hun Ge" is the pinch type pan mee. It's my favourite food as a kid.

To cook this, you have to spend some time playing with flour & salt.

You gotta pinch & smack the flour & salt, until it becomes smooth skinned.

I was playing in the kitchen, then my sis told me she wanted to help. Within 5mins, she took the whole wok to the living room and play Facebook while setting the dough!

You know your dough is ready when it's smooth & the flour doesnt stick on your fingers anymore.

It's time to prepare the soup.
I cooked the traditional chicken soup with fishballs.
Bee Hun Ge nowadays comes with vast variety of soup choices, you can make Spicy Soup, Seaweed soup, Bittergourd soup or Tomyam soup (depends on your own preference).

When the soup is ready, you can start pinching the dough!
Make sure to pinch it thin and wide.
You need more practice to enjoy a smooth, silky "Bee Hun Ge"

Ta daaa.. My "Bee Hun Ge" is ready!
*Note the soup is dark because i accidentally over-pour the ketchup*

I fried some "tau fu pok" as additional dish. It is best if you can have some fried anchovies to eat with "Bee Hun Ge".

This is how i rate my food:

Performance: 5/10
Soup not salty enough and the "Bee Hun Ge" too thick.

Anyone wanna try my "Bee Hun Ge" ??? insurance first!

Thursday, February 25

Temple of Lights - FGS Dong Zen Temple

I will be working over the weekends and it is most unfortunate that i wont be able to celebrate Chap Goh Mei.. *sad*

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to share my wonderful experience visiting FGS Dong Zen Temple few days ago.

We were welcomed by a beautiful stretch of lights along the roads.

I went with XeRoZ, and we arrived at 7.20pm.

As I entered the temple, i was surprised!

There were beautiful decorations all over this temple.

Lanterns were beautifully positioned and it lights up the whole pathway.

Too bad i look freakingly tired..Otherwise this would make a nice photo T_T

Cute Cute stuff~! And I'm one of them too!

I thought the temple is small, and i shocked when i saw the map!

The temple even set up a stage for performances through the night.
I think it's great because kids would love it, and the elderly can sit down here and be entertained at the same time!

Quote of the Year: Say Good Words, Do Good Deed, Think Good Thoughts

Archway of Lights!

Pond of Hope!

Tree of Messages!

Even the Entrance to Food Court is astoundingly attractive!

Tiger in the park!

Something strange happened, and ended up as one of them.

Main attraction- The Rotating Giant Tiger & 3 Mini Tigers.
Love this photo the most!
Don't have DSLR also can snap pretty pics! *yeay!*

The park was huge & it was decorated with different lights and monuments.
I find it amazing to decorate lamp posts with Lotus Flower motives.

There's too many photographs that i took...
Spent 3 hours ++ there until the temple closed.

FGS Dong Zen really lighten up my day! I felt very happy there..
despite sore legs, stomach growling & hot. The journey there was worth it!

I thought this kid is so cute!
Then i realised it's Young Buddha.
Legend says that when Buddha was born, he has one finger pointing up to sky and another finger point up to earth, and his 7 first steps were bloomed with Lotus Flower.

It was a magical night! Despite 1000+ crowd that night, i bumped into my old friend, Chun Ming!

Then i even met Po, from Kungfu Panda!

I also found my long lost twin sister!




Same ya?


I'll be away for a few days!

Last but not least,

Have an enjoyable Chinese New Year over this weekends!

Happy Chap Goh Mei..

Love you all!


Tuesday, February 23

My Letter To Panasonic Malaysia (updated with reply)...

My memories of Dong Zen temple are still fresh in mind. Then i remembered that i have an important matter to take charge! My Pinky (Lumix FS-62) had injured and i haven't send her for "treatment".

So here's my letter to Panasonic. (It's my first time dealing with them. So let's see how it will turn out)

Dear Customer Care of Panasonic Malaysia,
I am a proud owner of a Panasonic Lumix and unfortunately dropped it two weeks ago.

During the fall, one of the parts cracked.
And it couldn’t be closed properly.
I hope it can be rescued.
Here are the details that has been registered online.
Warranty No. : EW-0900135671
Model Code : DMC-FS62P
Model Description : 10MP, 2.5", 4X, LEICA
Serial No. : WL9FB001054
Date of Purchase : 13/10/2009
Standard Warranty Period : 12 Month(s) (1 Year(s))
Additional Warranty, if any : 24 Month(s) (2 Year(s))
Expiry Date : 13/10/2012

I hope that this part is still under warranty.
I hope to receive your soonest reply. Your kind response is most appreciated.

Best regards,
Ms. Nicole Chua


Sobs..Poor Pinky.. If i don't get it repaired soon, then the force of the battery's weight will crack open the holder, and it will be very inconvenient for me to cellotape it everytime i charge it.


Hopefully Panasonic will be able to rescue my Pinky *fingers crossed*

Panasonic replied me! *HAPPY*

and here is what i got from them!

FREE service + spare parts replacement cost!
Hmm.. i wonder how much will it cost?

And did you see who replied me?
Ms. Diana Ross!

I didn't know that the International Artiste is working with Panasonic! (joking, yoh)

I'm very happy at their prompt reply. I most probably gotta get it all fixed today! *Wheeeee*

Monday, February 22

FGS Dong Zen Temple Trip

Today I rejected my best buddy's movie offer.
(I refused to type his name out because almost every blog also have his name, until i feel shy)

Why i rejected his movie offer leh???

Coz i have a date with....

No lah..Actually, I planned to go to the FGS Dong Zen Temple @ Jenjarom!

Beautiful! Amazing! Attractive and Awesome!

Spent 3hrs 3omins there..Will share with you more photos tomorrow..

I wanna go bathe now..

*don't peep! I'll poke your eyes~!!!!*

Good nite =) *hugs*

My Company Annual Dinner Singapore Trip!

It's my official WORKDAY today!

Thinking of WORK makes me think of Lee Hung Scientific and i just remembered i haven't blogged about my Singapore Trip! So here it is!

I began my journey at 5.30am, carpooled with my workmates. We arrived late despite speeding for 160~170km/j.
*Note: NOT DRIVING MY VIVA. Viva Max also 160km/j only on the speedometer. >.

We began our day with presentation, discussion, announcement of promotion, etc etc..

Then, we were grouped into 5 teams..

Guess who won?? (kekekeke...)

After the games & discussion, i was left to rot at the meeting room waiting for my turn to enter the boardroom... (As though in The Apprentice)

I was waiting him to utter the 2 words..

Fingers crossed..





The rest is not important already. *smiles* DINNER TIME!

One thing i loved about Singapore is the beautiful trees that adorn the roads. It provides sufficient shade from the scorching heat from the sun, and is pleasant to see as well!

Malaysia, please don't plant useless palm trees by the roadside! Not only the palm trees do not provide shades, but the falling leaves are SO big that when it landed on the ground, it looked like a BIG IGUANA and frightens me until i nearly bang the divider.


We had a HALAL buffet dinner at Hyatt Hotel.

Me & my workmates..

My moments with my work-related stuff ended here...Now it's time for FUN!


Beautiful skies of Singapore! Despite the development, the skies are so clear and not hazy!

I was accompanied by my MapleStory friend, Z3R0X whom i called BanBan~!
I thought of meeting up darling FairyYuna, momo SumoWrestler, cute JasCyber and Law. But it was a rushed planning. Thank God BanBan is here for me..T_T (touched)

I never thought i'd hate Sponge Bob Squarepants..

Just right after this photo is taken, my camera (Pinky) flew up and ended up crashing down!

This proves Newton Law of Gravity exists..

and my heart came tumbling down!

Anyways, It's still Chinese New Year Season!

If Christmas we had Santa Claus...
Chinese New Year we have Cai Shen (God of Wealth)

Cai Shen, I've been a good girl for Chinese New Year.. *glittering eyes*
Please bless me with ONG + HUAT + $$$$$$$$.$$ = Super Duper Compact Camera (Eg. Leica)