Saturday, January 23

Worst Day Ever!

It began as a beautiful day... The weather was nice, the sky was clear..Everything seemed perfect!

I had to fetch my sis Wern (visit her new blog here) to Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, Putrajaya for her to translate her results.

It's truly Malaysia because they can build huge buildings but never have enough parkings. Everyone seem to double park there, and along the roadsides too!

After work..

I was caught in a traffic jam from Puchong to USJ (LDP) for the 1st time EVER!

It was a standstill jam, we were not informed of whats going on up front!

We waited and waited until it rained..
And the rain stops..

We waited and waited until the sky turns dark.
And finally we are able to reach home..

But our house is smelly, coz we forgotten to through the rubbish last week.

We had uninvited guests too!


lurking all over the kitchen..

No choice, we tried to exterminate the maggots but failed.

Maggots seem to develope resistance to insecticides. we had to pour hot water and wash the whole kitchen.

The most horrendous task was to transfer the maggot-infested dustbin to another bag and bring it outside!

Wern had the honour of transferring the trash..
It was pretty disgusting to see the maggots jumping out of the rubbish bin onto the floor!

As the older sis, i had the privilege to leave the Wormy matters to Wern.

Yeah..My 1st Bak Kut, with fish tofu..New recipe.

Rest assured, my kitchen is perfectly clean now~!

This incident teaches us a lesson, always throw away ur rubbish everyday after cooking!


TianChad田七 said...

Haha funny wern's expression =)
Maggots high in protein you know?

DC said...

I found maggots underneath my guinea pig's litter tray. lol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad..hahahs..i shouldve collect the maggots & give u eat.

@DC, yucks...

RedButtockz Wern said...

wad the... use my photo again -.-

cklim said...

cheers boss

Blur Pei said...

i had the same experiance like u several times! even it happened in a pot!(at alpha that times,when hsmates don coorporate!)I normaly use insect spray to slow their motions! then wear gloves and use tissue to clean them...then only mop them...>.<" very geli!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@CoffeePei, ya super geli one. but the one at my house is hyperactive with insect spray. The more u spray, the faster they crawl. OMG, reli wan vomit!

Blur Pei said...

omg! so geli!
yest no appetite at all! yuck