Tuesday, January 5

New Year With www.msxeroz.com

Happy New Year!

Well, i was 5 days late..But i'd rather be late than never!

My 2009 Countdown to 2010 was amazing! It was my 2nd countdown i've ever had in my life. And i did not regret this one.

I had the New Year Countdown Party at The Palette IOI Boulevard. It's a new building opposite IOI Mall. Thanks to Rachel Koh who invited me and other friends to this event.

XeRoZ & I

Games for Guys~!

We were served with the surrounding restaurants located in IOI Boulevard! The preparations are a little messy because the waiters and waitresses had to walk a long way, and serve plenty of customers on the night!

There's free beers for guest. Dinner with RM30 above will get a complimentary jug of beer. We had about 20 of us here, and definitely had about 10jugs of beer? I didnt count coz i kept drinking and drinking =)

We had so much beer that Jack drank 2 jugs by himself >.

Coincidentally, it was TianChad's birthday! We made sure to celebrate his birthday on the stage! Imagine 100++ people, adults and kids, all celebrating birthday with you! HAHA...It's one in the life time experience!

Me, KelvinTan & Wendy

The Palette is quite beautiful and nice place to be in. There's fountains, and beautiful lights.. The Restaurants there serve quite good food too!

One of the Restaurants that leave a deep impression is OTAK OTAK. The toilet is fascinating.. hahas.. Of course the otak otak tasted good too!

I've upgraded my blog from http://msxeroz.blogspot.com to www.msxeroz.com. With hopes that my blog and me continue to grow, and fluorish! Thanks for all your support!

My love for you will never die~!!!

Best wishes,
Nicole aka MsXeRoZ!


Kelvin Tan said...

You 5 days late I dunno how many days late. I still post nothing on it yet. :P

Ei, you know what, the Digi Pimp My Day thing they say I can join and they'll pair me with other people who don't have teams. But too late already. I made plans for a gathering. haha

Kokonut said...

happy new year ~~!!!

it was a fantastic nite !!! eventho i was half attached to work ~~ wakakka.. but u guys made me a memorable new year eve !!!

*hugsssssssssssss* *muuuuuuaaaccckkssssss*