Wednesday, January 27

My Hairy Affair..

Hey~! It's Chinese New Year Season~!

I'm back to Ipoh for my Hairy Affair..

*This IPOH signboard costs RM400,000.00! Beautiful~! Satu lagi Projek Barisan Nasional*

Went to Styles Saloon for my regular hairy affair!

Usually Jian aka XeRoZ will accompany me..

Focusing on a book without specs on..

We chose our style and colours, and sat there waiting to see the "new" us!

and I'm done, curly with dark brown hair..
Jian aka XeRoZ is getting something red, while
Wern aka TheRedButtockz got something purplish..

Quite acceptable la, coz i have to look appropriately impressive at work.

Look what has become to those 2


LOLs. The end of my Hairy Affair~!

1 comment:

Blur Pei said...

gosh...the last photo..really shocked me..really make over...
u have a nice curly hair :)