Friday, January 8

Lunch at UMAI-YA

I just returned from an extraordinarily long lunch today. Bibiwok is having 50% discount promotion until 15th January. So Ray (my colleague) suggested that we have a good meal in Bibiwok. How good is good? 3 of us took a RM16.80 Mini Steamboat set.. After 50% less it only costs RM8.30! Drinks are not included in the Set Lunch Promotion though!

*Note: You have to get the 50% discount coupon from the cashier before able to enjoy the 50% discount.

Today, we had our lunch for over 2 hrs! And this brings me back to my memories of having long sumptuous lunch hour at Restaurant UMAI-YA (here)!

I dont know whether im prejudice or what, but the name UMAI-YA doesnt sound Japanese to me! And if not because Ray had a promotion voucher, i wouldnt want to enter this restaurant at all! But anyways, now that i know it's a Japanese restaurant, my impression has changed for good.


I liked the internal decoration. It's simple, yet alluring! As you can see my camera is still blurry due to the wet and super humid weather in Melaka.

A salesman came to my company to sell these coupons for RM29.00. These are super saver coupons!

This is Janice & Tracy..

Me, XiouHang and Ray

Very interesting-Using papers as deco..

There's not much sushi on the rolling belt, which had pros and cons..
Pros: You can order freshly made sushi, rather than eating those that had been circulating around the belt.
Cons: There's nothing to see and choose. It's kinda depressing coz you want to eat something, but there's nothing!

Finally the food came! Well, i can summarize that the sushi is not as good as those i ate in Sushi Zanmai. There's limited wasabi. (wasabi is upon request, not available at the rolling belt). There's no sweet shoyu like in Sushi King..Lack of wasabi makes the wasabi-lovers, like me, to lose appetite!

Ray ordered the Salmon... Looks nice, thickly cut...

I didnt eat it because i was too full. Why?

i ordered a set lunch, which comes with miso soup, rice, salad, teppanyaki chicken and fruits. I also ordered salad sushi and mushroom sushi.. (Sweat!)

After hours of eating, we decided to go back to office. Then we couldnt find the autopay machine. When we arrived at the exit.. It says, "PLEASE BRING YOUR CAR ALONG & PAY THE PARKING FEE AT THE EXIT"

and I laughed... Coz once you pay the money, the barrier will be lifted. And you drive your car out. There must be someone who paid, then go get the car, and the barrier closed! HAHAHAHA..

Anyway, the parking is quite expensive though! RM1 for first hour, and additional of RM1 for subsequent hour (More expensive than One U!)..hahah..

Have a nice day today! AOGHH I'm so full


bla~ said...

ahh ! JAPANESE FOOD ! *saliva drips* ling kena toto le ah? all those food looks so expensive! said...

ya, jap food normally expensive...
but i luv them v much
nanged u....nang this to read about sweet wedding with cupcakes....

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@CJ voucher ma. we eat till muntah share then only RM23/person

@Shengfatt, kk nang u!

little cute marccus said...

wtf! that notice XD hahahah

and janice maciam slim down liao oo, XD