Thursday, January 14

The da Vinci widow..

It was sunset, as i could see the surrounding buildings were in the shade of amber. As i walked passed the alley. I could hear whispers. Many whispers. All i could hear was "He's dead!"

I don't know where i'm walking to. But i seemed to know this place really well. I also had a sense of urgency.. I keep on walking and i saw a beautiful green field in front of me.
I entered a cottage nearby. I was turned by somebody who knew me, and i seemed to know him too.. "He's murdered!" He told me. I nodded, and say, "I know. I came here immediately!"

"Do you know who's haunting him?" he asked me again. I stared at him hard. "He has little treasure. And i think it's because of this." I took out something from my robe.

I held out my hand, holding rolled paintings. Within it, there were noises coming out from the paintings. Puzzled, he opened the paintings. It was a drawing of an old man, and the subject of the painting can talk!

"He did this?" he asked me. "Yes, he's been working on it every night. The other painting can talk too," i said. He looked at me seriously. "Look here, you gotta run. The person must be looking for this. You gotta run as far as you can and hide these paintings."

Just as he utter those word, there was a huge bang and the door was slammed down. There were guards everywhere. I rushed to the nearest sink and pretended to wash the dishes. Shivering. I didn't turn back and i heard gun shots. He was being murdered too! I prayed hard that the guards didn't walk into the kitchen. If they do, i'd pretend to be mute and deaf...
But the guards left. I was unharmed.
I knew, the paintings were gone too.

I left the cottage and keep on walking. Feeling confused.

I walked and walked..


i saw my parents in.

Then i woke up abruptly.

Thinking that it's a weird dream, i turned over and continue to sleep. It was then i realised that the 2nd painting (one is the talking old man painting & another was not revealled) is Mona Lisa!
I shivered...

Because, in the whole dream, I'm playing the character of da Vinci's wife. *EWWWWWWWWW*
worse of all, Mona Lisa can talk!

*~*~* Moral of The Story *~*~*
1. Astro B.yond HD channels is so powerful that it causes me to enter the world of HD. Even my dream is so real!
2. I am in the midst of preparing the blog post for da Vinci The Genius exhibition, i guess i get too carried away with my job until i dreamt of him!
3. I think i miss my parents!

Oh Gosh!
I need a break!


Ken Wooi said...

lol seriously, dreams can be very weird at times..
the scenes are odd! =P

Blur Pei said...

i laughed when u dreamt bout u went to kitchen to wash dish ...
well, i also have several weird dreams too! try go to search for dream analyser...
ps: i heard a news saying monolisa have a sickness of High colesterol/HBP..due to thick puffy eyes...=P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kenwooi..ya dreams are so scary. especially when u trying to make sense of it!

@Blurpei: You can go to the Da Vinci exhibition for more Mona Lisa mysteries revealed. She didnt have cholesterol. Its a part of the wax or paint stuff that fallen off at the eye area..then it makes as though she has cholesterol problems!