Friday, January 29

It's Jack's Birthday & I'm Having Fun!

Jack, you are getting old..
you are

Happy Birthday AhPek~!

I was in Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid last night to celebrate Jack's Birthday!

Guess who is Jack??

Left or Right?

XeRoZ & MsXeRoZ

(MapleSEA nickname lah)
Pretty hor? My sis! *bangga*
She so blardy look like my mom!

I like Fullhouse very much because of the concept, and there's a lot of things to see there =)

Ms. Nicole transformed into Ms "Nerd"cole

Then transformed into Ms. NiCOOL!

There's a lot of mini mini stuff that captures my attention.
from dustbins..

To Heels..Oh i like this heels very much!

Cute mugs~!


Sexy Bears..

and a Sexy Girl beside the Sexy Grandfather's Clock.
*phewit phewit*

I ate Club Sandwich..RM13.90
(Honestly the food there tasted O O K K only)

Then Guess of Honor arrived, Guess who?

Well, sorry TianChad last minute informed you there's a gathering. I totally forgotten *dui bu qi*

After TianChad's arrival, Jack became hyperactive..

and he was like this the whole night!

He was so HYPER, that the Fullhouse Kitchen staff were all laughing at him!

Happy Birthday Jacko Wacko Chicken Wings from Mars..
(His Ruumz Nickname)

It's the first time i saw Jello Cake! Looks so colourful!

I end my post with..


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of us all?

Thursday, January 28

Ugly Cooking Episode 1

Have you ever watched a TV show from Hong Kong called "Beautiful Cooking"? I'm sure no one would ever miss that show! It's an entertainment show where beautiful babes will cook whatever item provided. Their food will be judged by men judges and audience will provide feedbacks.

Today, i'm going to initiate "Satu Lagi Projek MsXeRoZ!" which is Ugly Cooking! Today is the 1st Episode so enjoy watching! *LOL*

*~* Ugly Cooking Ep. 1*~*

Here's my ugly kitchen, although it looks messy, but i assure you it is clean.

How many of you know how to cook rice?
I know most of you will refer to the graduation in the rice cooker, but what if you have to cook rice for 2 persons? Well, the trick is, use your finger, and feel with your heart.
(the water level should be around the 1st line of your finger)

*WAHLAU, my finger looks so fat!*
Then, make sure u wipe the bottom of the cooker pan before putting it into the rice cooker. Otherwise, you will "kena sot" and the rice cooker will be damaged. Make sure you remember to turn the rice cooker on.

Note the laptop beside the rice cooker? Dont place the laptop too near to avoid "sot sei lei".

The laptop is used to "google" the cooking recipe. This is very useful if you think you want to cook a dish but do not know how to cook the dish. From the recipe, you can modify according to the ingredients you have.

Guess what soup i'm cooking?

Follow the instructions well and "tipu tipu abit" when you dont have enough ingredients.

Ta daaa... My 1st dish is ready~!

Next shall be the 2nd dish, due to convenience sake, i decided to cook something simple.
and healthy =)

You can enjoy dinner with your loved ones *hugs*

Well Beautiful Cooking always have beautiful babes to enhance the show..

Ugly Cooking also has an ugly babe to enhance the show:-

Yeah, hope my ugliness doesn't destroy your appetite!
*note: tired cooking*

Watch out for Ep. 2 ^^

Wednesday, January 27

My Hairy Affair..

Hey~! It's Chinese New Year Season~!

I'm back to Ipoh for my Hairy Affair..

*This IPOH signboard costs RM400,000.00! Beautiful~! Satu lagi Projek Barisan Nasional*

Went to Styles Saloon for my regular hairy affair!

Usually Jian aka XeRoZ will accompany me..

Focusing on a book without specs on..

We chose our style and colours, and sat there waiting to see the "new" us!

and I'm done, curly with dark brown hair..
Jian aka XeRoZ is getting something red, while
Wern aka TheRedButtockz got something purplish..

Quite acceptable la, coz i have to look appropriately impressive at work.

Look what has become to those 2


LOLs. The end of my Hairy Affair~!

Tuesday, January 26

Guys, Balls, and a Hole...

"Girls are complex creatures, they say one thing but mean another"..

What about Guys?

I' d say, "Guys are persistent creatures, once they entered love game (a game they love), they'll perform their best with their balls, erm correction, ball."

So here's how it goes:-

Most of the time, they'll dominate the game with their feet.

Sometimes, someone will be using their hands to do the job..

The trick is to counter and snatch the ball and score a goal.

I guess, scoring a goal feels like orgasm. (It's just a guess, ok?)

And each team members tries their very best to prevent other team from achieving orgasm
(i mean, scoring goals)

There's no time for foreplay, it's just attack attack attack.
and tahan tahan tahan until you reach orgasm (i mean the goal)...

After a series of attacks & tahans, then they remove themselves from the hole..

Mission accomplished- They'll glee happily..

The sweat and exhaustion, is worth it!

MsXeRoZ have never attempted to play futsal before, the series of events above are based on my wild imagination.

Love watching guys playing sports coz they look so MANLY, but i hate the stench after that..

Monday, January 25

Fly Up High, MsXeRoZ!

I always believe that one can never stop learning...

Human evolutionize..

And evolution ensures survival of mankind..


So the point it, i felt left out!

When the whole world is buzzing about #yorais..I didn't know a clue about what it is.. Until Evo wrote a blogpost about it!

It's truly an eye opening experience! I never wanna be left out again, not anymore!

So here i come twitter! Let's chirp!