Monday, December 28

Movie: Avatar~A Reflection of Who We Are

I had the most unexpected, and exclusive invites to the 1st day release screening of Avatar. I was lucky that TM (Telekom Malaysia) had some event going on, and i was invited to the screening of Avatar on the 18th of December, 9.30pm at Midvalley.

I looked so tired and fugly! YUCK!

Thanks to Jack for the invites!

From left to right: Jian aka XeRoZ, Jack, Raymond, Ray's gf, Koko and Fugly me.

Before i went to watch this movie, i've heard loads of stuff about Avatar. The so-called BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR directed by James Cameron. When i saw the poster, the only thing that catches my attention is the ugly looking, blue coloured creature! Deep in my heart, i say "No way i gonna watch Avatar. The creature looks so scary!"

When i got the invites (free stuff are hard to resist!), i had in my heart that this will be an OVERRATED movie.
I was 100% WRONG!

I wasnt disgusted at the BLUE HORRID LOOKING creatures called Na'Vi. Instead, it felt like being splashed with water on my face. We, humans, are GOOD LOOKING creatures but with EVIL heart, filled with greed and lust for power and wealth!

Avatar is a entirely science fiction movie. But the message is strong. I dont know whether it's me who felt it? Or it's a message for the entire world. I felt the urge to cry because the feeling is so real. We humans, not only destroy the Earth for our own selfishness, but also destroy places that is not ours.

Forget about Pandora.. Forget about Blue coloured creatures. I hoped that everyone who watched this movie will gain some enlightenment on what's going on to our Earth. Earth is dying.
We killed it. We are like the Na'Vis who knew that the destruction is coming and yet done nothing. At the end, all is lost..

There's no one that can rescue our Earth. There's no Toruk Macto that will lead us and fight against corruption, pollution, extinction and destruction.

So, it depends on us to CHOOSE; which side you are in? The one who destroy? or the one who protects?

I end my ramblings with a picture of the heroine i loved and wished to be..

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Anonymous said...

great review, which I too faced similar pessimism of the movie. When I first saw the trailer prior to a movie before Avatar was released, I didn't have an interest in watching the movie. Then I read so many reviews of the movie and decided to want to watch it myself!