Wednesday, December 23

Melaka With The Loo Family

This December, I visited Melaka TWICE in two consecutive weeks! Last trip was for my Grandmother's DeathDay Anniversary. This time it was with the Loo Family (Jian's maternal family)

We began our journey at 11am on Friday. First stop is to fill our empty stomachs in Seremban.

Then up we go to Melaka.. We arrived in Melaka happily and headed to Baba Charlie's Homemade Nyonya Kuih. It's located in a place where event satellite cannot detect. The street is so narrow and i wonder how come people can know of this place! It is a heaven for Baba and Nyonya kuihs!

After that we checked in our hotel-The Everly Resort. It is located quite near my kampung house. Used to be called Riviera Bay. It is just beside the beach, but the beach is quite small.

We rented an apartment with 2 rooms and 2 washrooms, big hall and complete kitchen. However, it's a bit dusty. I would say the price is quite expensive for 3day 2 nights trip. A whopping RM860.00 if not mistaken.

After arriving at Melaka, we went to town and visit the red house area-The Stadhuys. I used the new Limbongan highway right up to Pahlawan, and parked there. The sky was bright and sunny! A good start for a nice weekend!

There's alot of things you can do in the red-house area, such as:-

1. Take Photographs of you and your family.

2. Take photographs of two sexy babes. *ROFL*

3. Guys can try on some sissy girly hats in the public and act cute. *winks*

4. Guys can also come here to "da fei kei" or in English, it's call beat aeroplane. Look how euphoric are they!

Suddenly, the gloomy clouds attacked our clear, blue sky. We had to run to find shelter and wait until the rain stops! Despite the heavy rain, we were determined to go to Jonker walk @ Jalan Hang Jebat for our dinner and sight seeing!

We arrived at this Restaurant Jonker Street 88. You'll never miss this shop as there will be queue of people until the roadside. After dinner, me and Jian rushed to the car. Then, the rain stop abruptly.

As for the rest, they went to Shum Shu Gong and enjoy the pastry and cendol. Look how much fun they have!
like father,
like son...

Once the rain has settled down, we went for Melaka River Cruise.

It was a beautiful boatride. There's so many lights, it is almost like you are in Orchard Street, Singapore. The good point is that you dont have to walk to see the lights..hehehe. The bad point is, it was raining so heavily that the boat service has to be halted.

Thank God that we managed to ride on the boat after queuing for 30mins.


Then we went for Satay Celup at Restaurant Ban Lee Siang at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. I was too excited seeing fishballs i forgotten to snap photos!

We sang out loud a Birthday Song for KahYee. Suddenly

98.8fm crew who was also there came up and gave KahYee some goodies! Thanks 98.8fm. Keep it up bring happiness to your listeners!

The next morning..

We had our lunch at ChungWah Chicken Rice balls. It was raining heavily and we had to use umbrella to queue up. There's not enough seats for 20 of us as well. I ended up soaked from head to toe, and eating like a beggar at one corner of the table. HAHAHA....

The rain seemed to be unstoppable! We had no choice but to return to the hotel. Everyone had a good nap.

Once the weather permit, we went for dinner at Portuguese settlement at Ujong Pasir. One disadvantage of having a GPS is that, once the coordinates are wrong, we all landed all over Melaka. hahahahah.. Thank God we all managed to find the Portuguese Village.

We had portuguese seafood at Sea Terrace Restaurant. Had about few choices of food and the bill came up to RM400++ *SHOCKING*

The Portuguese village is beautiful during Christmas Season!

It was drizzling again...

Then they went on to ride one Eye On Malaysia Melaka while we returned to the hotel to pangsai. hehehe..

On the final day, we went to Amy's Heritage house for lunch.

When we arrived, we were all starving. I was busy ordering the dishes, when i saw my 2nd aunty working there! HAHAHA.. such a small world!

We ordered ikan lada hitam, ayam pongteh, bendi kukus and kari lemak nenas. I feel that the food is fused with authentic spices-Nyonya dishes, while other's think that they dont like it.

I feel that the food is delicious, the sambal and kuah cili is very appetizing. Amy is also very friendly and gave us some parking coupons!

Here i list down the places i went and also the price. Hope it helps if you gonna plan your future visit to Melaka, the town of History.

Everly Resort Private Apartment: RM860.00 (for 3 days 2 nights)
Baba Charlie Nyonya Kueh (Tengkera): price varies depending on your selection.
Stadhuys: free (sightseeing), museum range from RM2 to RM10
Trishaw: RM10 (one round), RM40 (stop by places with explanation)
Jonker street: free (sightseeing), pay what you buy.
Melaka River Cruise: RM10 (per person), for 30min ride approx.
Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup: RM0.50 to RM0.60 per pcs.
Parking to Portuguese Village: RM2
Sea Terrace Restaurant: RM400++ (20pax)
Amy's Heritage Nyonya Cuisine: RM300 (20pax)

NOTE: Please buy some parking coupon because even during Public Holidays, Sat and Sun, you will kena saman in Melaka. (The traffic police is very bloody hardworking there)



*Close my eyes*

Santa, i wish i have presents this year!


jfook said...

Love your skills on editting the photos. Damn chio.

Unknown said...

so happy.......

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@jfook: i didnt do any editing. Just put into collage only

@iena: ya very happy =)

cklim said...

nice trip..merry christmas and happy new year

wen ni said...

Merry Christmas Nicole and to your family and beloved!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thank you all.. Merry Xmas to you all too!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...
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Jocelyn Keys said...

whoa u make ur trip looks so interesting!

Ah Boy said...

hei, where r our stunt pics hah??=P

Unknown said...

Wow, it's a memorable trip. Thanks for immortalize it on the blog.

Kar Yee

Anonymous said...

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