Tuesday, December 29

I Called The Police...

My housemate: Shin Yi & Wai

It was the usual, silent nights that we normally had. Once a while, the couple downstairs will break into a HUGE fight for no reason. Living in KL, i knew that i had no choice. This is not my HOME, and sharing a place to live means we have to tollerate.

I understand that couple fights. Fights and arguments are signs of positive relationship-Provided that the fights and arguments, is a healthy one. I have been with XeRoZ for more than 4 yrs. We fight, i whack him (gently), he whacks me (almost never). But we never hurt each other more than that. We fight and argue to achieve an agreement-to make a decision. And when the fightings and arguments is done too frequent, we both evolve to the stage called "DISCUSSION". Discussion uses less energy level and more user friendly. THIS is how it should be done.

As for my housemates, i have been living with them since March 2009. In April, they broke a fight, i deeply regretted for letting them stay. In Feb, she told me that she was being bullied by her Indians housemates and would like me to rent the room to them. I pitied her and took her in. Only to realise that she will be living with her boyfriend. I told her i had BAD experience living with couples. (My ex-housemates in Setapak Indah, she will bang the wall and slash her wrist for no reason). She promised me that they argue, but not fight. And that was an OUTRIGHT LIE!

Since March 2009, my house was never as happy before. I wrote before that i felt depressed. I occassionally run to Ampang for shelter. Otherwise i keep myself busy at night so that home will be a place for me to sleep. We can never keep running... I chose to fight them yesterday.

I rushed downstairs, slammed the door, and yell at the top of my voice. Anger kept flooding me, and my knees were shaking uncontrollably! I shouted angrily " HEY ENOUGH, I HAD ENOUGH OF U BOTH! YOU KEPT FIGHTING LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS! NOISY LIKE HELL! NEXT MONTH U BETTER SHIFT OUT! I DONT WANT TO STAY WITH YOU ALL ANYMORE"

Both Wern and my other housemate stared at me. Thinking that the fight stopped. WE WERE WRONG! They continued fighting. Whacking each other.. I shouted again! " IM GONNA CALL THE POLICE. DONT U DARE ME!" Then i turned to Wern and asked her to call the police. She did.

Shin Yi yelled back "Call the police, tell the police he hit me" I ignored her. I sat downstairs for 10mins till the police arrived. I felt relieved. The 2 policement knocked on their door, they opened it. and the policemen did their job of questioning and talking to the guy. The weird thing is, the girl pretended she was a VICTIM. And the Ah Wai lied to the policemen that they just fight once only, it wont happen again. He took all the blame by himself. He said that he knocked himself and bled. (The policemen knew it was a lie). One of the policemen went into the room and found scissors, etc etc on the floor. He warned her, "i took his name and ic already, if anything happens to the guy, we will look for you because YOU ARE THE MURDERER".

The police left, and Ah Wai told me sorry. I took the opportunity to tell him to shift by Feb. In 20mins time, they continue ARGUING, and a car came to pick them up. They then, went out together.

*~*~*~*~*~* HOW THE FIGHT BEGAN??? *~*~*~*~*~*

Many of you will ask, what is the issue that the fight broke out?

DID the guy owe some one money?
DID any one of them had affair outside?

What you think caused the fight to happen?

Let me tell you the answer:

Her car was parked too out, and Ah Wai went to re-parked her car. She feels that he parked too out as well, and commanded him to give her the keys. Then she parked, and she threw the keys to the ground. He picked it up. Then she told him, "You dont have to buy dinner for me, i dont want to eat". And this is how the fight happened.

To all my buddies, sorry if i caused you all to worry so much yesterday. It was a shocking incident for me. I will write up more stories to tell you my ordeal for the past few months. I cant wait for them to shift out as soon as possible.


ken said...

LOL, izzit that bad couple stays together?

Ken Wooi said...

wth.. like this about parking also can fight... seriously, i dont know why they are couples -.-


Kathlynn said...


Blur Pei said...

I like the way u descripts!
I wonder this 2 are couples anyway.
And the gal seems so...agressive!How can a guy still has patience?and y still live together?! (no need to reply this,haha)
Sorry to hear that happens to u. Take care...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

The questions also i dont have the answer. I myself dont understand, why the guy keep protecting the girl.

How they fall in love, is the world's biggest mystery.

atreyu strange said...

Sheesh. This is unbelievable. And to think that the fight started because of a car is utterly blunt. Gosh.

marccus said...

walao... so retarded mia ppl... =.=

cklim said...

boss, you make a good decision. happy new year

Unknown said...

fight over parking? wth... i really suggest that u kick them out before something bad really happen... no point having these kind of couple in the house (or with this kind of girlfriend)...