Friday, December 4

Going Off~

It's end of the yeaR!

Some say it's the most fun part of the year..
and some like me is having a horrible time during at this moment.

Well, being in the sales line, there's target to hit. Not being able to hit the target is not my concern-the problem is how much effort did i put in to achieve it?

If i ask myself, how would i rate my attitude and efforts it shall go this way:-
Caring about XeRoZ aka Jian-->100%
Doing things for XeRoZ aka Jian -->100%
Caring and Doing things for Wern-->70%
Caring and Doing things for parents-->50%
Doing things for myself--> 30%
Doing my full time job-->20%
Doing my part time job-->10%
Caring and Doing things for my buddies-->30%

Now..tell me.. How am I going to succeed? I woke up an hour earlier today to pack, dressup and plan to make breakfast, then i realised that i'd rather stay hungry than make breakfast. GODSs...See how lazy i am!

From today till Monday, i shall be in Singapore for exhibition, product training and technical training. This is my most reluctant visit so far. I not only have to convince my boss, but i cant even convince myself that i have gave my 100% focus into the work im doing. *Sigh~*

The only good part of the whole year end thingy~ is the weather keeps raining. I didnt realise how much i love rain until yesterday. Not because i watched Ninja Assassin lah~! Sorry bout the over-rain that caused floods in other states...It's just too hot if it doesnt rain!

ok 6.30am ler. I gtg..wishing me myself and I a very good luck and try to make the best out of my Singapore trip.
Love you Nicole! *Hugs* <-- Over tension until talk to ownself.

Take care all. Muackz

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TianChad田七 said...

All the best and wish you luck!