Monday, November 16

Raped Bruttally.. Damn The Criminals!

I was cursed..



I was at Sunway Mentari area having Steamboat @ Yuens. In my heart, i always thought Sunway as a very safe place. A crowded place but with good security.

Never did I know that THIS will happen!

My "A Gorgeous Lady" was brutally PENETRATED.

Her Glasses of VIRGINITY was SHATTERED into PIECES..

Even the HEAVEN was sad and teardrops fell from the sky...

And she was forced to drive in the rain - WINDOWLESS..

She was stripped, and humiliated in the public.

Her heart shattered into small crystal beads all over the places..

GONE.. It's all GONE...

I had to rescue her from the pain she was suffering. I gave her a brand new glass.

Then i can see her smiling at me, my reflections in her eyes.

Malaysia is already a SO-SUCKY place to live in. And it's even SUCKIER TO HAVE SUCH CRIMINALS lurking around us.

What My Car lost? Her Virginity.
What I lost? The trust of my employer.
What my company lost? A DELL Notebook.
Don't tell me i shouldn't leave precious belongings in my car. A car is our property, we can keep whatever we want inside. It's not my fault to begin with. It's the fault of those bastards that robbed us!

DISGUSTED-disgusted at the slimeballs that have hands and legs to earn a living, but yet chose to steal. I believe in KARMA-What goes around, comes around. You may earn my Company's laptop that night, but i know, as time pass, WHAT you did to others, will come and haunt you one day. That time, I'm gonna say "VERY GOOD"!

I'm not gonna say "DONT PUT UR VALUABLES IN THE CAR", because once you are targetted, even your car is empty, the slimeballs will still aim for it. Worse still, it might anger them that your car is empty, then they'll cut of some wires or your handbrakes will be slashed (experienced by my friend).

All I'm gonna say is, park at a safe place. I once thought that safe means somewhere quiet and no-one around. Well, i was wrong. I parked at a corner where people cannot see. Thus, this is what happened to me. I thought that i will be safe there coz nobody is there to snatch my bag. I was reckless as i never thought that something will happen to my car!

Since i lost my company's laptop- I felt so GUILTY. My manager was nagged and forced to lecture me! DAMMIT i felt so insulted!

Therefore, this is a very critical moment for me:- i plan to replace a laptop for my company (if i can afford). I dont wanna feel indebted forever. As for my car, I need to re-tint my window. So, please support me by voting for my nescafe competition:-

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Thank you for reading my horrible ordeal!


hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

I can tell you that you're still lucky..if you're in South Africa, the whole car would've been gone..with or without you and if you fight can kiss goodbye to your life XD (was there for 3 months, Malaysia is much safer than u think..but feel sorry that your car 'got raped' but you've returned your car's 'virginity' rite?hehe

Aidi-Safuan said...

worh...poor u to the police already?maybe the parking lot have cctv there

yeekai5 said...

poor nicole,nvm,u get my vote here :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@ OF Tr@vels ... (sorry ur name so long), haha i consider myself lucky la. Coz my company will share the replacement laptop cost with me.

@ Aidi, sorry to say that the Malaysian Police Force is hopeless. They don't even want to entertain me that night and directed me to this station and that station.

@Yeekai5, thanks!

Ken Wooi said...

wow.. thats bad..
curse them back!

x said...

ksian. sorry cant help except 4 nuff ads. im too bz 2 reg anything



.. damn the 'rapist'..

ccsoul said...

nw park where aso not safe..T_T
god bless ur girl =)

NightTearx said...

" Don't tell me i shouldn't leave precious belongings in my car. A car is our property, we can keep whatever we want inside. It's not my fault to begin with. It's the fault of those bastards that robbed us! "

Well... Obviously its partially your fault as YOU KNOW YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO KEEP VALUABLE THINGS in the car if u leave the car.

Its been said all around. Its partially your fault.
So, just try not to leave those stuff behind again.

These criminals are everywhere. We cant do anything to stop it.

atreyu strange said...

You should report to the police station nearby to the place of crime.

A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance's VIVA was stolen! I wonder what's up with VIVA.. Hmm..

Anonymous said...

Yeah you should not leave your valuable belongings in ur car. And safe place is not the place with quiet and no ppl around. hahaha...anyway good luck to u !! ^^

cklim said...

so sad to hear that..cheers