Wednesday, November 25

Ninja Assassin: When Rain Rulez

I guess you can still remember about the post me and my sis did in order for us to secure a pair of passes to Ninja Assassin. It isn't easy to forget the Anti-Pest Ninja that we gonna be, if we are ninja assassins.

Thanks to the kind NUFFNANG, we did obtain a pair of invites to watch Rain make his debut on the big screen.

Well, the screening took place in Midvalley. I was out from house at 7.14pm, but arrived at 8.20pm-Because of the I-Dunno-why-can-Jam, and I lost my way. HAHAHA.. Sorry la, usually got people drive me to Midvalley. Blame TianChad because he didnt wanna go for screenings then i cant carpool with him. *blehhhzxx*

Summary of the movie:

Kids were being kidnapped and trained to be ninjas that assassinate people--> thus, Ninja Assassin. Then one betrayed the clan (You-Know-Who). The whole clan wants to destroy him. There's also a forensic investigator, Mika, who dug too deep into the secret clan existance and is being targetted. So together.... *you gotta watch yourself*

*look left, look right* I hear a whisper... "They" told me if i revealed too much of this movie, "they" are coming out from the shadows and silent me out.

What i liked about this movie?
  1. the choreography of ninja scenes-there's fire and rain fight scenes.
  2. Rain's deep voice and humour
  3. Rain's convincing character

What i dislike about the movie: *i purposely make the below invisible, read only if u want to*
  1. Glaring loopholes-who's the lady who called and gave Rain instruction to rescue Mika?
  2. Mika and Maslow acting is so AVERAGE.
  3. Too many blood-so gross
  4. The blood splattering scenes is not logic. Looks like water.
Ok..thats a short post for today.

Have lots of things in my mind. Gotta hurry up and make a decision what laptop should i buy to replace to Company. *Sigh*

Life Sucks. Wish i have Raizo's phonenumber so that i can ask him to kill me!

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ


marccus said...

hahah XD u watch this too ar?
I was laughing all the way when in cinema.. wakakak XD

especially the scene whole bunch of ninja running in the road one XD funny si... XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Ya MArccus, i just duno why human blood so cair one.hahahaha..very fake hor?