Monday, November 2

Death at Waterfalls-The Insensitive Human Beings

Dear Human Beings,

Life is imperfect. This is the fact that everyone knows about, and could do nothing about. The imperfection in life, makes us who we are. We learn how to cope, we learn how to understand. Most importantly, we learned that there's no such thing called- The IMMORTALITY.

Life is unpredictable, we will never know how much time we have. We should cherish every moment we breathe.

Human beings,
Do not blame when a mishap happen. Take action to prevent it from happening again.
Do not assume the cause. Find out about it and understand why it happens.
Do not utter words which are disrespectful, be sensitive to other's feelings.

What has happened to the Human Beings? I was told that we are humans, and humans are superior than other creatures that God created because God gave us feelings - empathy, care and concern about others.


There's been a tragedy... and Human Beings are being cruel, insensitive and evil.

Some blamed UTAR students for being stupid.
Some blamed UTAR because it sucks.
Some blamed RACE and said words which are irrelevant!
Some even pretended to be the deceased and left msg to me!

I am too a human being..

I blame myself for not able to do a thing. The star newspaper wanted the nation to know, and to show empathy towards the deceased students. But instead of getting well-wishes, there's been a group of haters, citing racism remarks. There is also an imposter, who pretended he is the deceased and utter insensitive words.


This is what i felt.. Pain because i am weak and defenseless. Pain because I am a HUMAN BEING!


because, if it is me dead. My chatbox will be filled with haters?
Will people pretend to be me, and write messages to my loved ones? my friends?
What will my parents feel, if they opened up my blog, and saw all the insensitive remarks?

James, Shy Gim, and Ghim Chnieh-
Sorry for everything that you had to endure. Sorry that the world is cruel to you.
Sorry that you were too young to know that the Kampar waters are dangerous.

Now that you are by God's side. You will be dearly missed!


DC said...

There are all kinds of people in the world.

Ultimately, one would have to pay for their karma someday, somehow...

Disnyie said...

very well written.
i am moved n felt in a lot of way by readin ur post.
lets all pray for the deceased n may they rest in peace in the arms of God.

Nic Da Nic said...


I can feel how angry u are, but there's nothing much we can do other than we voice it here.

I do know how is the feel when someone has already gone.
sometimes it will be sensitive when someone plays with the death.
yeah.death is unpredictable.but the death ones deserve to be respected.

i eventually visited james's posted in
it really makes me sad when other people is making fun of a dead really sounds foolish.and it really makes me feel so damn angry..They wouldn't know how the people feel when a person is dead.somehow,I wish the person who make fun of it, somehow, you will know what death is..

With this, I also wish you can support their parents morally.
And, I would like to dedicate a song for you too. Don't be sad.

Mariah Carey - Bye Bye

"Now the Hardest thing to do is
say Bye Bye"

to James:

May God always by your side protecting him and his family from the culprits.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@DC: Yeah, there's all kinds of people in the world, and one day they will have to face their karma. I totally agree with you.

@disnyie: I was so angry about the people who post the comments that made me wrote this post.

@ Nic Da Nic: When i visited James's blog, thats how i feel to. there's nothing much i can do for him. But i believe that i can write something about it and try to educate others through writings. Thanks for your support

cklim said...

so sad to hear that and shocked with inhumane comments.

Deepest condolence to deceased students

EVo said...

Nicole! sorry i'm leaving an unrelated comment on this post..but i couldn't access ur chatbox. I'm bringing u china traffic! aha. going back 2mr ;) catch up with u soon!

lin said...