Thursday, November 5

Beautiful Flowers @ Home

My mom is having an orchid craze since last year. And Gosh~!!!

When she calls me from home, she'd remind me "Ling, buy some orchids for me," or "Ling, the orchid we bought bloom flower almost 2 months le". I could just entertain her with some questions. *LOL*

Sorry ya mom, i thought you will "hangat hangat tahi ayam" (warm warm chicken poo), meaning that one's interest on something for a shortwhile only.

But when i went home last Saturday!

This is not orchid though, i just think the flowers are pretty!

So, how was it?

All being captured by my PinkyMix (Pink Lumix). I should spend some time analyzing the shots, angle and also exposure. LOL... I have no talent of photography yet~!!!

Well mom!

KUDOS.. Our home is a beautiful orchid heaven now!! Hope your interest in orchid last till next year! (10yrs ago is bougainvillea, then cactus, then petunia, then daisy, then now it's orchid)

I'm going back home next month!! Whee..Cant wait to see which buds will bloom.

Muackz all~!


Ken Wooi said...

really nice flowers =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kenwooi: Thanks !!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Nic, into orchids now eh? I like orchids too.

Malaysia Asia

cklim said...

nice one..boss

† ИICHOLAS † said...

i can tell ur mom really into all orchid weii! so many orchid in your house! gosh xD