Thursday, November 12

Am I Going To Win RM10,000.00???


Secrets revealed!

The doubts became crystal clear now...

The mists that enshadows MsXeRoZ is now going to be unleashed.

I know many of you are wondering.. WTF MsXeRoZ da noisy girl suddenly became so quiet, and crawls away from the world of blogging???

Well, you know i wont leave my blog lying dead for long, right!!!

So, i told you that i was being occupied with stuff-My hobbies, to be exact! For the Nescafe Chill-lah Competition, i was required to produce a video of my script! (you can read it here)

And so, i was busy doing this:-

My Pendidikan Seni (Arts) never get A before. If get A also is i scam my papa to draw for me de. Unfortunately, my dad isnt here to help me out for drawings~!

Lucky still have XeROz...

Luckily still have ANge~!

Eh.. Eh.. Who is this?

This is XeRoZ's good friend, PuiSee.. She comes to help us..

See, to get the perfect shot, PuiSee has to kneel down and control her hands to open the curtain.

EH, How come got 1 more girl?

Haha.. That's XeRoZ's chi mui.. WaiLeng borrowed us her bangalow/office/house/studio for work. I first time experienced such wonderful and enjoyable working environment.

Thats me! I'm the creative + cuckoo imaginator/writor/printer and hampalang also do abit.

I have to give credits to Ange, for colouring wonderfully (Except some parts she lost mood and motivation)..

Doing the curtain scene is nerve-breaking, Oh ya forgot to introduce Vince, Waileng's bf.

He is the voice recorder and director for fight scenes. Due to boredom and sleepiness, he created the "Ka Me Ha Me Ha" effects! He also produced Shit and loves the pig the most!

Initially the shooting was done happily...

Then very scarily, coz shoot shoot shoot also cannot finish shooting..

Finally, in 48hrs, we managed to shoot, edit, and produced a video.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Monkeys and Elephants,

I present you..


However, the efforts-creativity, time and money, used to realise this imaginary story will be wasted if you guys didnt vote for me!

Remember to register and vote for my video~!

I dare say it is the most unique one amongst the top 20 video.

Help me win big! View my video @ Nescafe website

Here's the steps to vote:-

1. Register yourself here.
2. After registration, you have to remember to vote! Click here to return to video page.
3. For 1st time voter, you are required to write a slogan to win yourself a pair of movie passes~!

FOR REGULAR VOTERS. (you can vote once per day until 23rd Nov 2009)
1. Click this link here. Login & Done.

It would be great if you can drop me a comment once you voted. I cant promise anything right now. But since christmas is coming, an extra cash would come in handy for me to prepare a token of appreciation for my voters. =)

Thank you very much!


TianChad田七 said...

I wish I have time for next production! =D
This look so fun!

michleong said...

Good luck to you. Nice characters you have there. Are they from the online game called Maple Story?

C.V said...

I really love the video and the whole shooting process looks very time consuming.
Will vote for you!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Mich, yes my story was created mainly based on maple story coz i used to play the game during free time.

@C.V, thanks for your support. The whole process is very tiring and we almost gave up due to time constraint.

† ИICHOLAS † said...

omg~! all the best to u nicole :) very funny... i cant stop laughing when i watch the video... aint the character all from maple story?

- voted for you d :)