Wednesday, November 25

Ninja Assassin: When Rain Rulez

I guess you can still remember about the post me and my sis did in order for us to secure a pair of passes to Ninja Assassin. It isn't easy to forget the Anti-Pest Ninja that we gonna be, if we are ninja assassins.

Thanks to the kind NUFFNANG, we did obtain a pair of invites to watch Rain make his debut on the big screen.

Well, the screening took place in Midvalley. I was out from house at 7.14pm, but arrived at 8.20pm-Because of the I-Dunno-why-can-Jam, and I lost my way. HAHAHA.. Sorry la, usually got people drive me to Midvalley. Blame TianChad because he didnt wanna go for screenings then i cant carpool with him. *blehhhzxx*

Summary of the movie:

Kids were being kidnapped and trained to be ninjas that assassinate people--> thus, Ninja Assassin. Then one betrayed the clan (You-Know-Who). The whole clan wants to destroy him. There's also a forensic investigator, Mika, who dug too deep into the secret clan existance and is being targetted. So together.... *you gotta watch yourself*

*look left, look right* I hear a whisper... "They" told me if i revealed too much of this movie, "they" are coming out from the shadows and silent me out.

What i liked about this movie?
  1. the choreography of ninja scenes-there's fire and rain fight scenes.
  2. Rain's deep voice and humour
  3. Rain's convincing character

What i dislike about the movie: *i purposely make the below invisible, read only if u want to*
  1. Glaring loopholes-who's the lady who called and gave Rain instruction to rescue Mika?
  2. Mika and Maslow acting is so AVERAGE.
  3. Too many blood-so gross
  4. The blood splattering scenes is not logic. Looks like water.
Ok..thats a short post for today.

Have lots of things in my mind. Gotta hurry up and make a decision what laptop should i buy to replace to Company. *Sigh*

Life Sucks. Wish i have Raizo's phonenumber so that i can ask him to kill me!

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ

Wednesday, November 18


**Disclaimer: Watak-watak dalam post ini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata. Jika ada yang serupa, hanyalah kebetulan sahaja.**

Thank you!

Some of you must be asking? WTH im doing? Have i gone cuckoo?

Well, yes and no. YES it's kinda crazy to post these kind of things up, and NO because i'm not crazy yet!

Nuffnang is giving away a pair of exclusive invites for the premier screening of NINJA ASSASSIN on 24th November @ GSC Midvalley! And in order for me to get those pair of exclusive invites i gotta blog on "If I’m a NINJA ASSASSIN..."

So here it is!

Hope u enjoy my post~! And hope i'll get the invites for NINJA ASSASSIN ~!

Monday, November 16

Raped Bruttally.. Damn The Criminals!

I was cursed..



I was at Sunway Mentari area having Steamboat @ Yuens. In my heart, i always thought Sunway as a very safe place. A crowded place but with good security.

Never did I know that THIS will happen!

My "A Gorgeous Lady" was brutally PENETRATED.

Her Glasses of VIRGINITY was SHATTERED into PIECES..

Even the HEAVEN was sad and teardrops fell from the sky...

And she was forced to drive in the rain - WINDOWLESS..

She was stripped, and humiliated in the public.

Her heart shattered into small crystal beads all over the places..

GONE.. It's all GONE...

I had to rescue her from the pain she was suffering. I gave her a brand new glass.

Then i can see her smiling at me, my reflections in her eyes.

Malaysia is already a SO-SUCKY place to live in. And it's even SUCKIER TO HAVE SUCH CRIMINALS lurking around us.

What My Car lost? Her Virginity.
What I lost? The trust of my employer.
What my company lost? A DELL Notebook.
Don't tell me i shouldn't leave precious belongings in my car. A car is our property, we can keep whatever we want inside. It's not my fault to begin with. It's the fault of those bastards that robbed us!

DISGUSTED-disgusted at the slimeballs that have hands and legs to earn a living, but yet chose to steal. I believe in KARMA-What goes around, comes around. You may earn my Company's laptop that night, but i know, as time pass, WHAT you did to others, will come and haunt you one day. That time, I'm gonna say "VERY GOOD"!

I'm not gonna say "DONT PUT UR VALUABLES IN THE CAR", because once you are targetted, even your car is empty, the slimeballs will still aim for it. Worse still, it might anger them that your car is empty, then they'll cut of some wires or your handbrakes will be slashed (experienced by my friend).

All I'm gonna say is, park at a safe place. I once thought that safe means somewhere quiet and no-one around. Well, i was wrong. I parked at a corner where people cannot see. Thus, this is what happened to me. I thought that i will be safe there coz nobody is there to snatch my bag. I was reckless as i never thought that something will happen to my car!

Since i lost my company's laptop- I felt so GUILTY. My manager was nagged and forced to lecture me! DAMMIT i felt so insulted!

Therefore, this is a very critical moment for me:- i plan to replace a laptop for my company (if i can afford). I dont wanna feel indebted forever. As for my car, I need to re-tint my window. So, please support me by voting for my nescafe competition:-

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Thank you for reading my horrible ordeal!

Thursday, November 12

Am I Going To Win RM10,000.00???


Secrets revealed!

The doubts became crystal clear now...

The mists that enshadows MsXeRoZ is now going to be unleashed.

I know many of you are wondering.. WTF MsXeRoZ da noisy girl suddenly became so quiet, and crawls away from the world of blogging???

Well, you know i wont leave my blog lying dead for long, right!!!

So, i told you that i was being occupied with stuff-My hobbies, to be exact! For the Nescafe Chill-lah Competition, i was required to produce a video of my script! (you can read it here)

And so, i was busy doing this:-

My Pendidikan Seni (Arts) never get A before. If get A also is i scam my papa to draw for me de. Unfortunately, my dad isnt here to help me out for drawings~!

Lucky still have XeROz...

Luckily still have ANge~!

Eh.. Eh.. Who is this?

This is XeRoZ's good friend, PuiSee.. She comes to help us..

See, to get the perfect shot, PuiSee has to kneel down and control her hands to open the curtain.

EH, How come got 1 more girl?

Haha.. That's XeRoZ's chi mui.. WaiLeng borrowed us her bangalow/office/house/studio for work. I first time experienced such wonderful and enjoyable working environment.

Thats me! I'm the creative + cuckoo imaginator/writor/printer and hampalang also do abit.

I have to give credits to Ange, for colouring wonderfully (Except some parts she lost mood and motivation)..

Doing the curtain scene is nerve-breaking, Oh ya forgot to introduce Vince, Waileng's bf.

He is the voice recorder and director for fight scenes. Due to boredom and sleepiness, he created the "Ka Me Ha Me Ha" effects! He also produced Shit and loves the pig the most!

Initially the shooting was done happily...

Then very scarily, coz shoot shoot shoot also cannot finish shooting..

Finally, in 48hrs, we managed to shoot, edit, and produced a video.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Monkeys and Elephants,

I present you..


However, the efforts-creativity, time and money, used to realise this imaginary story will be wasted if you guys didnt vote for me!

Remember to register and vote for my video~!

I dare say it is the most unique one amongst the top 20 video.

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It would be great if you can drop me a comment once you voted. I cant promise anything right now. But since christmas is coming, an extra cash would come in handy for me to prepare a token of appreciation for my voters. =)

Thank you very much!

Thursday, November 5

Beautiful Flowers @ Home

My mom is having an orchid craze since last year. And Gosh~!!!

When she calls me from home, she'd remind me "Ling, buy some orchids for me," or "Ling, the orchid we bought bloom flower almost 2 months le". I could just entertain her with some questions. *LOL*

Sorry ya mom, i thought you will "hangat hangat tahi ayam" (warm warm chicken poo), meaning that one's interest on something for a shortwhile only.

But when i went home last Saturday!

This is not orchid though, i just think the flowers are pretty!

So, how was it?

All being captured by my PinkyMix (Pink Lumix). I should spend some time analyzing the shots, angle and also exposure. LOL... I have no talent of photography yet~!!!

Well mom!

KUDOS.. Our home is a beautiful orchid heaven now!! Hope your interest in orchid last till next year! (10yrs ago is bougainvillea, then cactus, then petunia, then daisy, then now it's orchid)

I'm going back home next month!! Whee..Cant wait to see which buds will bloom.

Muackz all~!

Monday, November 2

Death at Waterfalls-The Insensitive Human Beings

Dear Human Beings,

Life is imperfect. This is the fact that everyone knows about, and could do nothing about. The imperfection in life, makes us who we are. We learn how to cope, we learn how to understand. Most importantly, we learned that there's no such thing called- The IMMORTALITY.

Life is unpredictable, we will never know how much time we have. We should cherish every moment we breathe.

Human beings,
Do not blame when a mishap happen. Take action to prevent it from happening again.
Do not assume the cause. Find out about it and understand why it happens.
Do not utter words which are disrespectful, be sensitive to other's feelings.

What has happened to the Human Beings? I was told that we are humans, and humans are superior than other creatures that God created because God gave us feelings - empathy, care and concern about others.


There's been a tragedy... and Human Beings are being cruel, insensitive and evil.

Some blamed UTAR students for being stupid.
Some blamed UTAR because it sucks.
Some blamed RACE and said words which are irrelevant!
Some even pretended to be the deceased and left msg to me!

I am too a human being..

I blame myself for not able to do a thing. The star newspaper wanted the nation to know, and to show empathy towards the deceased students. But instead of getting well-wishes, there's been a group of haters, citing racism remarks. There is also an imposter, who pretended he is the deceased and utter insensitive words.


This is what i felt.. Pain because i am weak and defenseless. Pain because I am a HUMAN BEING!


because, if it is me dead. My chatbox will be filled with haters?
Will people pretend to be me, and write messages to my loved ones? my friends?
What will my parents feel, if they opened up my blog, and saw all the insensitive remarks?

James, Shy Gim, and Ghim Chnieh-
Sorry for everything that you had to endure. Sorry that the world is cruel to you.
Sorry that you were too young to know that the Kampar waters are dangerous.

Now that you are by God's side. You will be dearly missed!