Wednesday, October 14

Tuesday the 13th, A Curse or Blessing?

Hi dears~!!

My Singaporean Invasion ended with a blast! All of us were truly exhausted!
I'm glad that BanBan and XiaoBan came to visit us- As it will take about 4 more years before their next visit (due to National Service).
*Shall post some of their photographs soon*

time for me to update myself...
I gave away my 6-year old Canon Camera to my dad..He complained that i'm the only one who kept occupying the camera, so i just gave him that camera for good. It was a heart-breaking yet joyful separation. Heart breaking is because i no longer have camera to use, and joyful because, hey i get to buy a new one..So it took me two painful weeks without my camera..and it took two tiring weeks to hunt and survey for a new one.

I thought of getting a Sony camera T900 at first, but deep down, i know i'm looking for a soul mate, not a toyboy. So I decided to get something which is reliable, simple and suitable for my pocket.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 (Rose/Pink)

And so i went all over hunting for FS62 and was glad that everyone seemed to give me good price for this model! Then last night i finally bought mine in Bintang Maju Commercial Sdn. Bhd, @ Endah Parade, Sri Petaling. The salesperson, who is helpful gave me a super nice price for RM600 (n.p RM699, Panasonic website offer RM649) inclusive of 4Gig Memory card, Hard Casing and free Sony string (coz i keep insisting for free gifts..LOL).. But..i got the special price because i bought 2 units of Lumix DMC-FS62 (one for Tracy) and 1 unit of Lumix DMC-FS4 (For Jian's daddy).

On another issue, yesterday TianChad told me that the winners for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards-Uniquely Singapore Experience has been announced. Yes, you guessed it, Me and XiaoBoon did not make it to the winners' list. I was quite disappointed at first, because I've put so much effort and RM11.20 to buy Pringles for this contest. Well, can't expect to win every competition i entered, right? I did my best for the entry, and i know my post made you smile. That's my ultimate prize i get from you. Thank you!

Ok..remember the Sunsilk "Great Hair Moments" Contest i participated in September? Well, last week, Jen from Unilever called me and informed me that I was the Top 20 contestant that the Judges had shortlisted, and she told me that if i made it to Top 6 then i'd be invited to the Sunsilk Glamourous Party @ Zouk, KL on 24th October 2009! Yesterday about 5pm, she called me and informed me that I'm chosen to be Top 6!!! OMG im so elated and nervous. I had to be in Zouk at 2.30pm and will dress up to the nines~! Wow..what an experience. I don't know how I will look like, and don't know what i had to do...Arghh...

30mins after Jen called me, Eddie from Nescafe called up and told me that my script made it to TOP 20 highest voted script!!! This means that I won RM2,000.00!!! On Top of that..
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Eddie told me to prepare my video..And my BOB (monsters vs aliens character) head is so empty!!!

A whole load of things and events suddenly came dropping from Heaven into me! Upcoming next is my Pork-rageous Fiesta which i organized to celebrate XeRoZ's birthday this Saturday! Now, i don't have enough hours in a day to cope with the things i have to do~!

So...Tuesday the 13th is a Curse or Blessings???

Phewww...typed it all out..Now gotta reorganize my work..


muackzzz all..byebye!


Ange said...

it is truly a blessing !!!
definitely not a curse at all..




Kennee said...

Wah congrats!!! blessing in disguise!!! XD
deserve a nang and also clicks on ya ads... XD

marccus said...

wat??? lu mia canon no more???


TianChad田七 said...

Congratz again =)
Appreciate for what you having now and do better especially Sunsilk~!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ange: I rather see it as a blessing too!!!

@Kennee: Thanks for your continuous support!

@marccus: Canon bo liao..i give the laupeh canon to papa d..

@TianChad: Oh..i'm enjoying every moment of this..HAHAHAH..

Blur Pei said...

gosh! everyone had said wat i wanted to said. well....gong hei lei~
If there is no loose, there is no wins as well. Cheers!

cklim said...

congrat on all the great works..cheers

Ken Wooi said...

so many contests hor.. haha..
congrats =)