Saturday, October 17

Slurpeeliciously Hungry Ghost of MsXeRoZ

As you know,

Lately my bank account is facing some deficit. How it happened, I don't know why.. *sigh*
Therefore, i have no choice but to participate in any competition that reaps good rewards....

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

The SlurpeeLiciOus Moments Contest~!!!(here)

So i cracked my brain, laughter and cracked every obstacles to participate in this competition. However, I can see that the competition is very tough..and i have to do something very unique, attractive and obtain a very nice facial expression!

It's not easy~!!

Me and my other friends (TianChad & Ange) took some shots in IOI mall. I think the shots looked very pretty... It'll be one of my favorite photo collection for all time !!!..

Question is: Is it GOOD enough to attract voters and judges? Is it GOOD enough to win???

And so I decided to think out of the box~!! And let XeRoZ play with my make up..

Which finally turned me into..


M O N S T E R!!!

It's pretty cool. I was shocked looking at my outrageously ugly faces. Can't imagine i'd actually do a photo collage for you to enjoy these pictures too~! hahahs..

Among the two types of genre of photos.. The best goes to: ~

Crazy Nicole after brain freeze

SlurpeeliCiously Me

The Slurpee Story

Amazingly, i decided to go with SlurpeeLiciOusly Me for the competition.. I dont know why, but i really put alot of time and energy to be Malaysia's Ugliest Ghost...The message I'm trying to convey is.. Even the ugliest, most evil devil's heart will be touched by a sip of slurpee...

hahah...Perhaps i'm too lame~!

Anyways, wishing all the best for me. Hoping my bank account will soon be able to be balanced~!


Ken Wooi said...

wah.. slurpee devil! =D

Kennee said...

Wah... Your pic really look abit scary lor... XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kenwooi wah so fast leave comment

@Kennee: LOL if wan be ghost, gotta look like one~!!

TianChad田七 said...

Remember to fight together~! =D

little marccus said...



Samuel C said...

lol wthhh xD

Breadpitt said...

woow........u so pia...........for these slurpee thing;-)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Marccus.. whats fml?

@Seraph: lols hope didnt frighten you.

@breadpitt: money kena pia.