Monday, October 19

Slurpee Slurpeelicious Moments Contest Voting Starts Now~!!


Miracle Lady MsXeRoZ performs magic again.

It was a hectic hectic week!!!

1. Last week recap:-
a) I am Nescafe Chill-Lah Contest top 20 finalist, i have to make a video of my script by 2nd November.
b) I am Sunsilk Great Hair Moments Contest top 6 finalist. I have to attend the party(like beauty contest) on 24th at Zouk! Had to go to Damansara to get the sponsored outfit.
c) Pork-rageous Fiesta cum XeRoZ's & MeiYee's 23rd Bday Party
d) 7-Eleven Slurpeelicious Moments Contest dateline

2. This week my schedule will make me weak in knees:-
a) XeRoZ's parents suddenly buy him a car and he doesnt know what he wants and how to decide.
b) Preparations for Slurpee Competition Voting
c) Preparation for Sunsilk Competition Script! I havent decide on my hair-do -.-!!!
d) Preparation for Nescafe video!! I had an idea, but i dont have manpower realise my imagination!

Gosh~!!!! HELP HELP... I'm sinking...

Therefore, i'm hoping my blog readers and blogger friends, can help me release some burden. Help me vote in my Slurpee Competition~!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeee~!!~!!

How can you help???

1. click here (or the image above)
2. Look for entry with the name Chua Yi Ling (yupz thats my name)
3. Click VOTE...
4. Enter your email address..
5. Click VOTE 4 more times.. (your email address will automatically appear)
6. Go to your email account
7. verify the 5 votes you have submited!
8. Tadaaaaa..Mission COMPLETED!
(one email max 5 votes/day)

Alright~! 8 Simple Steps you can repeat everyday. I love you very mucccchhhh~!!

Muackz Muackz...Hugs Hugssss...


Spicy Sharon said...

So socially active!!!!
So much going on in a week, have heaps to blog about yea?
How nice if my life is half like that.. hm...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Mizzsharon, aww..dont say that about yourself. It's my first time being so busy. Usually i'm too free that i'd join heaps of competition..

TianChad田七 said...

Keep it up Nicole.
I am looking forward for Saturday night~! Woohoo ;p

Just do it!!