Thursday, October 8

Ouch~!! Invasion by LaoBan and XiaoBan

I haven't been logging in my blog since the Emo-post~!!

Gosh.. sorry sorry..

I told my Singapore friends that i'm participating the Pringles-Nuffnang-Uniquely Singapore Contest in conjuction with the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards, and they were so supportive!!! *winks*

In Maple Story, i was honoured to meet and join the guild called WinterTear in Aquilla. LoLs..yeah trader guild *winks*

So my Laoban and XiaoBan (didi) decided to come to visit me and XeRoZ after a year. Also, guess that they misses us as much as we misses them...(awwwww...) So now, me and XeRoZ have no excuse to NOT go Singapore already!!!

So here's some of our photos we took in Singapore Zoo..

And here's XeRoZ versus Sabertooth Tiger..

Sorry for the short post.. Got loads of work to do.

Till then,

Take care all my dears..