Thursday, October 22

ICCC @ Grand Imperial

Last Weds,

In the midst of my business, i was informed that there will be a dinner commemorating the launch of ICCC'09. Thinking that ICCC is a product, without hesitations, i promised to attend the dinner @ Plaza Damas despite the distance and traffic conditions.

Thank God that i had a GPS. I've never heard of Plaza Damas before! But no thanks to God, it was a drizzly, dark Wednesday and the jam was hectic from Sunway toll. I was travelling at 5km/j for 6 kilometers, imagine that!!!

When i went there, then it SHOOK me! ICCC is not a product. ICCC is a year end challenge!

Nonetheless, i decided to play along and enjoy the ambience of the Grand Imperial Restaurant.

Despite the jam, i was among the earliest to arrive~! Most of them lost their way..
So, Roasted Duck Meat was served..

When everyone was seated, the soup was served and prepared to be boiled. Looks yummy right?

Here's XeRoZ who havent slept for 24hrs, but yet insisted wanna come along for the dinner. 24hours didnt see me, miss me leh ~!! *perasan*

Despite the classy display of food. There's not much variety of food for us to eat. I feel even hungrier after eating. And the weird smell of the soup, is pretty obnoxious!

So, instead of complaining of the food we took some photographs. Well, maybe the problem lies on the person who ordered the food =x, definitely not one of us. hahaa..

The problem with me is that, i like to take photographs of people and places. But, the problem is, these bunch of people have been visiting good restaurants often, that they make me look "sampat" coz never come here before~!

Lucky .. as sampat as i may be. Photographs still have to be taken. hahas. Look at the Brightside~!

YEah, my shiny face~! This photo was taken before Nescafe and Sunsilk competition is announced.

I've been feeling very stressful, especially for Sunsilk. And horrendously, the once-in-a-month disease came.. pimples are back, and humungous as ever. Seeing the huge huge bubbly pimples makes me even more stressful..

Ending, we were served with a rich, sweetly tasting red wine. Cheers~!


Ken Wooi said...

nice place =)

Kennee said...

Wahlau!!! the foods all really looks so yummylicious... *stomach growl*

Unknown said...

Nang ur post.Check my nang entries too:

cklim said...


TianChad田七 said...

Look at the brightside~!
Maybe that's why you got that dream, ur sixsense getting stronger.

And yeah, who can be the person who encounter experience that u r having now~?

All the best to all coming things